Saturday, 29 October 2011

October Progress Update 3

The end of the month again and I was aiming to complete my Saga warband and...I've failed. However, I'm not too worried as: a) my real deadline is the tournament in mid November and I'm on course for that and b) my painting will ensure that I'm never going to win the monthly competition anyway. :)

So what have I done:

17 models fully painted (not based), 7 models painted apart from their shields and 7 models yet to start. To my mind that's okay. That gives me two weeks to get a few shields, 7 more models and the entire warband based. Easy...

A quick tour of the bits of the warband you haven't seen before:

My warlord and standard bearer. Before you ask, no, I didn't paint them. They were very generously given to me, along with all the unpainted models, by Andrew (I told you wargamers were generous). That banner is freehand, by the way - and now you get my point about my painting compared to that of others.

My Berserkers. I know that they don't look very berserk but I figure that having dane-axes and not carrying shields accounts suitably for the better attack profile and reduced defence in the game. It also makes them clearly different from my Hirdmen. Oh and so you know, the axe heads were cut and remounted on thinner wire for ease of posing - that counts as conversion doesn't it?

Two points of Hirdmen. These guys obviously need their shields doing. The guy in the middle isn't a model I got from Andrew, he's been floating around my bits box for years.. He will get a shield, but that will be the last thing I do with the warband as it looks fine without - the Gripping Beast models have the shields moulded on.

And so on to next month's target. These 7 Bondi need painting. You'll notice that they're Wargames Foundry models (complete with HUGE weapons) rather than Gripping Beast. This will serve to identify them as a separate unit (along with the standard bearer) than the Gripping Beast Bondi unit.

So my target for next month is as follows:
  • Paint 7 Bondi
  • Finish of 7, possibly 8, Hirdmen by painting their shields
  • Base the entire warband

Bonuses, if I get there, will be to paint a Knight on foot for the Bretonnians as I'm regularly using one in my games, but I'm proxying with an armoured warriors from my Vampire Counts - he looks fine, just more Empire than Bretonnia.


  1. Chucking in the towel with 48 hours remaining? Tut Tut.

    Now stop messing about on the internet and get some planning done. ;-)

  2. Stop knocking your painting! I must say though these do look very good. Maybe because you were more into them than the men at arms & horsies?

  3. nothing wrong with your painting of these models at all, now stop messing and get em finished :)

  4. I agree with the above. These look great...