Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tanks For The Memories

I've just started to take part in a Flames of War Tank Aces campaign run at a club I've never been to before. Several of the chaps from both of my previous clubs attend, so it was a fairly famiar environment.

I'm using U.S. 4th Armored Tanks in the campaign and my initial 500 point force features six Shermans. I've named my Tank Ace after Sergeant Blast, the commander of the Army Surplus Special in the Wacky Races.

I played three games on my first night.

Game 1 saw me take on five SS Panzer IVs. I rushed forward and mobbed two isolated tanks before mopping up the rest. Some fortunate dice rolling saw me make this look smarter than it was.

In game 2, again it was against Panzer IVs, but this time it was Hungarians. I couldn't get through their armour an was soundly beaten.

In game 3 I was up against just two Fearless Veteran Panthers. My opponent castles up well, but another rush attack through terrain saw me manage to exploit their flanks, although I did lose half my tanks.

All in all, this was a fun beginning playing against new people. Most of the players are new to Flames of War, and this format will serve as a good introduction to the game. I'll be looking forward to going back to the South Yorkshire Dice Devils for some more games.


  1. Tank Aces are fun quick games. American tanks with Stabilisers specialise in making the rush to side armour. Looks like you have figured that out.

    1. It's definitely fast and furious with the Americans, especially as I'm not packing any big guns. I'm contemplating adding Stuarts in the next turn to ramp up the pace advantage.

  2. I'm going to have to get down somehow!

    How does tank aces work, do you need to play a set number of games?

  3. Sorry for the uncharacteristic dice rolling in our game Kieron.

    Matt, Wayne's running it so just jump on when you can. Just add a post on the SYDD Facebook page