Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Tis the season for giving...

...your planet to us!

I've finally got around to painting the vehicles for my Scourge starter set for Dropzone Commander.

The reason fo this delay has been settling on how to approach them and a bit of a battle with the Fleshtearers Red contrast paint from GW.

The first issue was deciding on colour scheme. I didn't want to do them the same as my Dropfleet force as I'd got quite bored of that. I also wanted to have something that contrasted with my regular opponents' armies. Given that Matt's Shaltari are purple, Wes's PHR are blue, Mike's Scourge are black and Pete's got grey UCM and green PHR.

This left me with red (although its come out a bit orangey in the pictures), and, being lazy, I thought that the new contrast paints would save me a lot of work.

This was not the case.

Being cheap, I elected to avoid buying the ridiculously expensive 'specially formulated' spray paint, I experimented with sprays I already had.

Firstly, Army Painter white, not only came out too thick the first time (I'm not a fan of AP sprays) and the miniatures needed stripping. Then, when I'd done them again, the Fleshtearers Red came out a bit pinky. Time to strip again.

Then I tried a Humbrol Sea Grey, however this turned out too dark and you couldn't actually see any contrast.

Finally, having only done one of the transports, I elected to try dry brushing white over the grey before applying the contrast paint. This worked (too an extent, you can't really see it in the photos) and all that was left was to pick out details and apply washes, including Hexwraith Flame for the 'eyes' and weapons, as necessary.

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with them. I still have three flying transports to paint, but now I've worked out what I'm doing they should be quite quick once it's dry enough to use spray paints again.

I'll still need to pick up a command unit before I can field a game legal army, but adding individual units in Dropzone is much easier than batch painting.

I've also managed to pass on a free sprue from Wargames Illustrated to Mike and so things are once again moving in the right direction. However, I have a bad feeling that tomorrow might really hurt my tally...

Acquired: 206
Painted: 219

All that remains is to wish you and yours a happy Christmas. I'll see you on the other side for my round up of the year.


  1. Great opening, you had me intrigued with your title.
    Great additions, I like the colour.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

  2. Love5 work Kieron the colour scheme suits them very nicely indeed. Merry Christmas to you all 🎄🎄🎄