Friday 8 May 2020

A Ruined And Terrible Form Of Life

Sometimes, quantity is better than quality. Or so I keep telling myself with my latest offering: 24 Uruk-Hai Scouts.

I've been extremely slapdash in getting these done because I didn't want to spend weeks on lots of trying to be original with different shades of brown and black. I also didn't want to hit a painting block by taking too long over models that are not very exciting to paint.

It's not that they are bad models, but even though there are 12 slightly different sculpts, they are very samey. What's more, each of those 12 sculpts has at least one point on the model where the detail is lost, whether it's faces, hands or legs.

Therefore, I decided just to get them done as quickly as possible, but 24 of them still took time, particularly as there is far more armour on them than the light armour of the profile would suggest. In fact, they're only finished now because I was able to paint whilst listening to Andy Serkis reading The Hobbit over 10 hours yesterday.

However, done they are, and I now have all the necessary models for some iconic scenes from the films, such as the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen, or Eomer's confrontation with Ugluk and Grishnakh under the eaves of Fangorn.

I also now only have just over a dozen models to paint (and five houses to make) to be ready for the first scenario in War in Rohan: The Burning of the Westfold, and all those that lie before me are metal models, which should be more enjoyable to paint.

In terms of painting numbers, getting another 24 painted more than offsets the 12 Wildmen of Dunland that arrived in the post (I've only got couple more birthday purchases to arrive, honest).

Acquired: 182
Painted: 172


  1. As you say they look effective and will be impressive in a battle. Don't criticise your self.

    1. I didn't go into it in the post, but I found these really depressing to do as I used to own a load of metal ones and sold them for much less than they are worth. I don't think I'll ever feel warmly towards these, so I just wanted to get them done.

  2. I always find bulk-painting models to be quite tedious, especially where the sculpting isn't perfect, but I think these have come out well. They'll certainly work as a horde of villains, which is what they're meant to be after all.

    1. This is probably the biggest batch I've done in a couple of years, and I don't enjoy it.

      However, as you say, they are perfectly appropriate to die in droves at the hands if Aragorn.

  3. You rattled through those and they look awesome as a mass.