Sunday, 24 May 2020

Oh Captains, My Captains

I've finally completed all the miniatures I need for the first scenario in my War in Rohan campaign.

Yes, I know they're not actually Captains of Rohan, and are technically Royal Guard, but I intend on using them as Captains because firstly, I already had these models and it saves me spending any more money right now, and the Royal Guard only actually show up in a couple of scenarios, and when they do, they're mounted, so it's nice to get more use out of the models.

I've painted them with a healthy dose of washes, as is my way, and being metal models, they complied. 

Interestingly, however, the one with the sword raised was bought only about 18 months ago, whereas the other I got off Mike and I think is at least 10 years old or more, and the older model had much crisper details, which might stay something about GW possibly needing to revisit moulds.

I actually intend for the Royal Guard to play a much larger role in the campaign than as written as, having reached the films recently, they are present in scenarios such as 'Warg Attack' and 'Fall Back to the Keep' where the War in Rohan book says otherwise. I'll fiddle around with points to make things work, but I want to use them where it makes sense; basically any time Theoden needs protecting.

Having said that, these guys are almost as inept as Eternian Palace Guards given that as Royal Guards they fail to prevent the death of the heir to the throne; seem to be absent as Eomer is beaten up in the  throne room; allow Gandalf (the famous and unwelcome wizard) to approach Theoden armed with his staff; stand by as three strangers beat the shit out of the king's counsellor and other Rohirrim; wander straight into a Warg ambush; allow the king to get stabbed at Helm's Deep and then finally leg it when he's attacked and ultimately killed by the Witch King.

Well done lads!

Fortunately, they are much more effective in game.

I have two more with throwing spears to add, probably for the next scenario as I have a mind to use them as stand ins for some expensive individual characters such as Erkenbrand and Elfhem. However, I'd need to get mounted models before then too.

I now need to turn my attention to some more buidlings.

Acquired: 184
Painted: 188