Wednesday, 30 December 2020


Why 'shhhh'?

Because I've painted librarian (space wizard) for my Blood Angels.

Also, because I don't want to hear that the model is actually a captain, doesn't have a psychic hood, has the wrong iconography and so forth.

He's a librarian. Deal with it.

I think I originally painted him as a librarian because when I first played 40k captains were a bit lacklustre. This is apparently no longer the case, but I didn't fancy stripping him to start again.

The model is the last of the repaints for my army (barring some veterans that need doing from scratch), and actually took very little work, mainly just sprucing up the gold and red and adding a couple of washes and transfers.

The transfers were a bit awkward, because I had to cut them to match where the cloak exposed, which made things small and fiddly.

The only notable change was using Nihilakh Oxide over white on the sword to make it more obviously a force weapon.

It's the first time I've used this technical paint and I think I'll prefer it to Hexwraith Flame for ethereal/ghostly stuff.

On the subject of the ethereal and ghostly, here's the librarian looking spooky on the edge of some eldritch portal...or a lamp.

Only one painted, but christmas only delivered a single new model, a T-34/76 for my WW2 Soviets (although I did get some excellent new board games). I also recieved another MotU miniature in the post.

Assuming I don't get a load of miniatures thrown over my fence today, it looks like I'll have smashed my target for the year.

Acquired: 206
Painted: 303

I'll be back tomorrow for my customary review of the year and  resolutions for next year.


  1. This guy looks vaguely familiar. Is he a plastic model from one of the old boxed sets? Anyhow, he looks cool. I like the sword. Nice work on the transfers, too.

    1. Thanks. He's from the Assault on Black Reach set along with the Dreadnought and the Terminators.

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