Thursday 24 December 2020

In The Red

There haven't been any painting updates for the last couple of weeks because I've been chugging through the last repainted unit for my Blood Angel's and I've been less than motivated.

Anyway, they are done.

A second tactical squad. This time armed for close assault of infantry rather than holding ground or tackling armour.

The sergeant (although the model might actually be something else) packs a power sword and a plasma pistol.

The flamer guy should get round that perpetual issue of needing to roll to hit - which is apparently quite good in overwatch.

All but one of the Marines in this squad are actually metal miniatures. These three are the same metal miniature.

I ran out of bolters when assembling this squad. In fact, several of the bolters are carved off the snap-together marines from the Assault on Black Reach starter set.

This squad will probably be put in the Rhino for getting forwards into the enemy. Unless that's not a good plan. It seems like a good plan, but until actually play a game of 40k, I won't know.

Despite getting these 10 finished, I've actually had a run of things I ordered arrive over the last couple of weeks meaning that I've gained another 15 miniatures.

Acquired: 204
Painted: 302

I should still have enough of a buffer to cope with Christmas acquisitions, but who knows?

Anyway, I hope tomorrow's reduced celebrations bring you everything you want.

Happy Cristmas!


  1. Aaaaaarrrgh

    1. Point taken. It's a job for another time, along with the bases.

  2. Great stuff Kieron! Really like that sergeant 😀

  3. Santas Elves looking very menacing for christmas. Excellent work mate.

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