Thursday, 25 February 2021

Spider-Man's Amazingly Derivative Friends

As I continue to plough through my range of comics (and movie) inaccurate for Earth: 21476, I come to Black Cat (who is definitely not Catwoman) and Firestar (who is definitely not Starfire).

To be fair to Marvel, they actually acknowledge that Firestar was created for the 'Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends' cartoon in the 80s as a direct analog for the Human Torch (who in a shocking twist for Marvel, was caught in a rights issue). However, I cannot, for one second, imagine that she wasn't named in relation to DC's Starfire.

The model is from Reaper Miniatures and also has more than a nod towards Starfire itself, with the flaming hair which is something Firestar doesn't actually have.

She's mainly painted with Cassandora Yellow wash over white, which comes put a touch patchy, but is more effective than my other methods of painting large sections of bright yellow. Apparently, the yellow contrast paint is really good, but I don't own it.

The face is a bit oddly shaped (a bit like a Gelfling from the Dark Crystal). Sadly there was also a bit of a mould line across it which fortunately the mask obscures.

With the base, I've tried to mix in some dead grass radiating out from the flames. Not actually burned as Firestar's 'flames' are apparently 'microwaves'. I've never microwaved grass, so this is my approximation of it.

Amusingly, I've read a couple of articles that try to argue that Black Cat is in no way a copy of Catwoman, despite being a cat-themed burglar with an on-off flirtatious relationship with an urban hero. 

They claimed that Catwoman's comics costume in 1976 (when Black Cat was created) wasn't a black catsuit and that the Lee Meriwether/Ertha Kitt/Julie Newmar TV version (which did wear the catsuit) was 10 years earlier and so Marvel artists couldn't possibly have been influenced by that.


The miniature is also from Reaper and was done rather simply. The costume isn't exact (as you'd expect). It clearly draws from both Black Cat and Catwoman, but refrains from the outright sexualisation (despite having comic book proportions) the two characters endure in its pose, which is something I like.

These did come in a delivery of several miniatures from different sources that you should be seeing soon, so the numbers have taken a bit of a hit.

Acquired: 34
Painted: 34


  1. Both look great. Black Cat is one of my fave characters from the Marvel universe

    1. Thanks. I only really know her from the Handbook of the Marvel Universe. I only had A-C and G-K.

  2. Great looking minis! Firestar was one of my favs from the 1980's cartoon.

    1. Thanks. I loved that cartoon too. I was surprised years later to find out that she was an original character for the show.