Saturday, 20 February 2021

For the good of all!

Whilst I'm on a bit of a superhero kick, I've returned to my slowest of slow-burning projects: the Freedom Force.

Mentor is the alien who brings canisters of 'Energy-X' to Patriot City whilst fleeing the Dominion and accidentally creates the heroes and villains of the game.

Mentor is also the co-founder of Freedom Force, acting as a... ahem... mentor to Minuteman. He also possesses a range of mental powers with which he battles evil.

The model is from Crossover Miniatures, and I've had it years. It was only pointed out that it would work as Mentor when I posted my first Freedom Force miniature, Microwave (as seen below), on a Facebook group, as another chap had already had the same idea.

In retrospect, the green is too dark and at least needs highlighting some more. Perhaps with yellow.

I had to freehand the silver stripes, head wires and weird logo on his chest. I'm never very confident with freehanding, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

There are no more members of Freedom Force in the painting queue, although I may have a plan for Minuteman and El Diablo. However, if you have any suggestions as to where I can find suitable proxies, please pop them in the comments below.

Acquired: 28
Painted: 32


  1. Nice! Now you're making me want to return to Supers early! (Forgotten Heroes is in June, remember!)

    1. Sorry. I forgot.

      Actually, I just strike when the iron is hot with my painting inspiration. I can't force myself to paint things.

  2. Great stuff Kieron! I've never heard of Freedom Force, I see in your last photo IGN is on it, so is it a video game? Order looks crazy with that giant gavel 😂

    1. Yes, it was a brilliant RPG game from the early 2000s. Really campy and full of silver age goodness.