Tuesday 29 June 2021

He looks fishy...

Just a quick post as I've painted a baddie.

This is Doctor Fiske, a stretch goal and nefarious villain in the Lurkers of the Deep feature pack for 7TV Pulp.

He is responsible for a villainous scheme to create fish/man hybrids that might or might not be a bit inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

A very straightforward model to paint now that I'm no longer terrified of painting white, although I did have to take a couple of goes at the eyes because I kept buggering them up.

I've gone with a not very 1930s colour scheme as I wanted to tie Dr Fiske to my Mad Science cast for future use, so there is touch of the Open University about him.

Acquired: 100
Painted: 98


  1. Seriously rubber glove creepy !!

  2. Great work on him Kieron. As to the eyes....well do we ever master painting them? Just as we think we've got it, an errant brush hair will ruin the moment....ahh such is life for us miniature painters!