Saturday 11 September 2021

We Are The Spark

With the Board in Brum Star Wars 7TV day only a week away? It was time to light the fire that will burn the First Order down.

Or more pertinently, light a fire under my ass and get my cast finished.

Obviously, with the first batch being full of the big names, I would need some extras to fallout the ranks and give Stormtroopers something to shoot at.

This is a squad of Resistance Troopers and a medical droid assigned to Rey, Finn and Poe for a mission between The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker. Chewie isn't going with them because I was too cheap to buy him.

The models I've used are, coincidentally, Resistance Soldiers from Terminator: Genysis. Not only were they in the very affordable category, they also scale well with Hasslefree Miniatures and at least pass muster as something that might appear in Star Wars.

The colours are very loosely based on the Resistance Trooper action figure, and I gave the regular troopers backpacks from an apocalypse survivors sprue I had knocking about.

I've not done anything clever with the painting because I'm in a hurry and they're not the most enjoyable miniatures to paint at the best of times.

It wouldn't be Star Wars without the good guys including a couple of aliens.

On the left we have a Kadas'sa'Nikto (the most famous of these was Klaatu), a reptilian, desert-dwelling species from the planet Kintan. He was made with a simple head swap using a Crooked Dice Visitor alien head.

On the right is a Zeltron, a near human species which doesn't feature in the comic books but seem to have been entirely created to allow comic book illustrators to draw scantily-clad, nubile pink women (Zeltrons would be much more at home in original series Star Trek). I have gone against the tide and dressed her like the rest of the squad.

My medical droid has been included because I had a rating going spare and has been made from a couple of  T-800 Endoskeletons from Terminator, and a spare head from my Superjero heads box.

The blue plates are a nod to the medical droid in The Empire Strikes Back.

And so there we have my 40 ratings cast. I'm using the 7TV: Star Wars profiles, even though thete aren't any cards from the new films yet. However, The Force Awakens was such a Star Wars Greatest Hits compilation that its easy to see Rey as Luke, Poe as Han, Resistance as Rebellion, and so on.

I might use the 7TV Casting Agency site to make my own versions of the cards if I have the time.

Acquired: 128
Painted: 166