Sunday, 25 October 2015

Zomtober: Frozen to Death

My Zomtober updates are getting later due to life being a bit busy at the moment. Anyway, here I am with my next two hard-bitten survivors of a medieval/renaissance zombie apocalypse...


Oh, all's Elsa and Anna from Frozen that I've painted for my daughter's birthday. However, I have a range of reasons that legitimise their inclusion in Zomtober:

  1. The original Anna model has flames issuing from its hand, and the hand I've replaced it with comes from the Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens sprues - she's part zombie!
  2. In the film, she comes back from the dead, and is, therefore, a zombie!
  3. Given that she's a zombie, Elsa, who survives an encounter with her is clearly a zombie survivor!
  4. During the film, Elsa's magic snow and ice threatens to end life in Arendell...create an apocalypse , if you will. An icy apocalypse + Anna the zombie = Zombie Apocalypse!
As you can see, I've painted a zombie and a survivor from a zombie apocalypse movie using (partially) zombie miniatures. How appropriate for Zomtober is that?

The models are from North Star miniatures and are really nice, clean sculpts that paint up really quickly. Elsa, the Snow Queen was extremely straightforward to paint and, given the debacle of face painting I had on my last model, I'm really happy with how her face has come out. It's interesting that with North Star not basing these models on Disney characters in any way whatsoever, the Disney-like proportions of the eyes give her an almost Elven appearance. It's not the worst crime that Disney commit against the female form, but painting this has served to highlight the point.

Anna is a little more ropey around the face, but still an improvement on last week. She's been done with block colours and washes as I wanted to keep things simple due to the fact that my daughter is six and I suspect that I may be re-touching these miniatures at some point to deal with chipped paint.

I've really been struggling with Zomtober this year, but hopefully there'll be an equally appropriate entry before the end of the month.


  1. These are beautiful, no doubt your daughter will be super pleased when you give these to her.

  2. Excellent work, and I am sure your daughter will be pleased. :)

    And the justification for their inclusion in Zomtober? Brilliant! :)

  3. Absolutely brilliant, that has certainly brightened my Sunday!

  4. Yip, I can see them. Yes, there they are. Look. Just there ..... straws :-)

    Someone is definitely grabbing at them......but Zomtober is all the better for it. Well done sir. Really 'cool' inclusion ;-)

  5. And I got called a troll for doing a blog post just like this last year!

    They do look good though! You might want to coat them with hammerite or something though...

  6. Very n-ice dude! I'm sure your daughter will love them. Any justification is good enough and your's is better than most. If Pride and Prejudice can have zombies then Zombtober can have Disney Princess's.

  7. Great work on Elsa. The hair as well as face look great. I quite like the effect on the blue dress as well, kinda like a crushed velvet from a distance.

  8. Your logic is impeccable, sir.

    Great looking minis. Well done on Elsa's face.

  9. That would work....ANd they look great!

    Well done!

  10. Very cool they are obviously kids party entertainers!!! (I have these todo as a xmas present for my eldest :D )