Wednesday, 26 October 2016

7TV - Soul Survivor: The Series

After last weekend's Zomtober post, I was determined to not let a perfectly good post title go to waste, and so with Matt coming round for a refresher game of 7TV, I set up a small 20 ratings battle using one of the basic scenarios in the 7TV Producer's Handbook.

The heroic cast would be trying to protect an important witness who had decided to turn informant and rat out the mob. The villains would be attempting to silence the snitch and an ambush on an abandoned street corner.

The Set

The casts were as follows:

Heroic Cast
Action Hero - Horace 'Action' Jackson
Security Commander
3 Security Guards
Administrator - Father Price
VIP - The Informant
'Action' Jackson & Friends

Villainous Cast
Underworld Boss - Stephanie 'Lazy' Town
Thug Bruiser
2 Thugs
Steph and the Boys

Rather than doing 7TV reports bow-by-blow, I thought I'd return to something a little more narrative...

 The final score was 5-3 to the villains. The first two Countdown Cards drawn really mucked up both of our plans. 'Script Editing' switched Jackson for Stephanie and meant that the villains were struggling to activate as I couldn't use her Leader ability, whereas the 'Hit Your Mark' had the Informant present himself on a plate to the hit squad. The heroes did a good job of grabbing objectives, but couldn't hit the side of a bus and when their cast was axed the only way back into the game was some really optimistic long range shooting in the final turns.

7TV remains a fun and completely versatile rules set, and seventies action is what it's designed for. This isn't the last you've seen of Horace 'Action' Jackson.


  1. Very very nicely done Kieron. The colours, action and casts are terrific, and really capture the atmosphere a game of "7TV" should create. More of Horace please :-)

    1. Thanks. The colours were also about covering for my slightly drab table. There's a lot of grey on there. :)

  2. i really loved the way you presented this Kieron. brilliant! and I echo Blax - more please!!!

    1. Thanks. It definitely works better for narrative character based games. I need to do more of them.

  3. Just superb, what a great presentation.

    1. Thanks. It's a shame I can't get better pictures in the winter. I can never get the light right.

  4. A most entertaining report, I simply love the style you used for the comic book, very appropriate. I can't wait to see more of these.

    1. Thanks. I used to do more of them, but they don't work for big battle games. I will definitely try to do this for anything appropriate as I really like the final result.

  5. Cracking game report mate. Like the style it was written in as well!