Sunday, 5 March 2017

"I paint the models eclectic..."

Yes. I have just referenced Fame: the Movie in the title of this post. Deal with it.

After a bit of a slow down during February, I've started to get some painting done in an attempt to clear the little bit of a backlog of assembled models that had begun to build up, and so this post is a little bit all over the place in terms of theme.

Also, the weather's rubbish, so you'll have to put up with fairly rubbish photos. Sorry.

First up are three members of the Suicide Squad for the Batman Miniatures Game: Killer Croc, El Diablo and Slipknot.

This version of Killer Croc is significantly smaller than the model I've already painted based on the Arkham console games. However, he's still fairly chunky.

I really enjoyed painting this model as he's relatively simple. He's also a one piece sculpt, so it was nice to put together a Knight Models figure without the usual cavalcade of swearing. My only gripe is that some of the fine detail on the back of his coat disappeared under a single coat of paint. This is increasingly something I'm encountering with Knight Models sculpts, and with my wash-based painting style, shallow detail causes problems.

I found El Diablo really intimidating, mainly due to the face tattoos. This is one moment when I'm quite glad that the photos are a bit dodgy, however, I do feel that I've got the tattoos as good as I'm able to and as long as you don't get too close, I'm relatively happy with him. It's just a shame that his rules are so duff, so I don't expect he'll see a lot of table time.

Slipknot is an uninspiring sculpt of an uninspiring character from the Suicide Squad movie. Again cursed with the shallow details that don't really work for me, a bizarrely separate leg and a pose that makes it look like he's just soiled himself.

He's done. That's about all I can say. Not massively impressed.

Right, that's enough BMG. Now for something different.

Yes. I know he's a superhero. But he's not a Batman character...or a Marvel character.

This is Doc Cosmos, an extremely limited edition miniature I was very kindly given by Leon of the Eclectic Gentleman Gamer and Pulp Citizen blogs. He's specifically been designed for a game Leon is working on called Supers Unlimited, and I'm looking forward to give him a run out in some play-testing for that.

This is a really cleanly cast, single piece model without much in the way of fiddly, extraneous detail - exactly the kind of model I like.

You might also have noticed that the models above have been photographed in front of some new terrain. The subway entrance and recycling bin are from 4Ground and are pre-painted MDF models.They go together really easily (although I did muck up the subway initially, and had to take it apart and start again).

Not only are they pre-painted, but the instructions come with the signs printed on them (and some steps, in the case of the subway), making them a really good choice for quick, attractive terrain.

Finally, some more spaceships.

My Scourge fleet continues to grow with the addition of a Basilisk Battlecruiser and three Nickar Corvettes.

The Basilisk is a Kickstarter exclusive model and uses the standard cruiser sprue, but adds resin pieces for the dorsal crest and side fangs. As with all Hawk Wargames models, the pieces are beautifully cast, fantastically detailed and fit together perfectly with a minimal amount of trimming and cleaning required.

In game, the Basilisk has an array of damaging occulus beams which have the potential to inflict significant amounts of damage. What's more, the Basilisk has the full cloak special rule which means that it can never pick up any spikes, meaning there is no reason not to fire all of its weapons, all of the time.

I'm looking forward to using it.

The Nickar Corvettes are actually scratch built from spare parts I have left over from my frigate sprues. I've done this for a few reasons, firstly there is the issue of cost and I'm always keen on being cheap. Secondly, the sprues have lots of spare parts, so it seems a shame not to use them. Thirdly, I've seen the official models, and I'm not actually that keen on them. Finally, the official models aren't actually available yet, and if I'm going to be able to do anything about Matt's Shaltari Voidgates, I need these guys now.

I'm really pleased with how these models have turned out, and I will almost certainly be making some more. Hopefully, they should help out with my complete inability to attack enemy ships in atmosphere.

It's all been a bit of a mish-mash, but at least I'm getting stuff painted.

More soon, I hope...


  1. What a cracking post, I am very tempted by the Suicide Squad myself.

    1. It's a very good value set, and most of the sculpts are excellent. You might want to hold fire until I post about assembling Katana - the single most annoying model I've ever assembled.

  2. Cracking and truly eclectic update mate! :)

    The BMG stuff looks great as does the terrain and DFC stuff - all excellent. But I am admittedly very proud to see another painted Doc Cosmos. :)

    1. Painted in the proper colours too!

      I'm hopefully going to get a playtest game in soon as well...

      ...just need to make some characters.

    2. I look forward to learning how you get on. ;)

  3. I love the subway scenery Kieron, perfect for the supers stuff. I saw Pulp Citizens blog about the new supers stuff and look forward to seeing more from him.

    1. It's definitely interesting and fun to be involved in.

      If you're getting into any supers gaming, I'd highly recommend the 4Ground gothic terrain as quick and effective - and not too expensive.

  4. A post with a lot of different miniatures in very different colours.
    Looking good!

    1. Thanks. I tend to paint on a whim, rather than with a plan.

  5. Fab selection of figures and terrain done. I agree with your assessment of Slipknot pose and sculpt shame he is so useful to my Bane crew!

    Croc is my favorite mini from the SS set I wouldn't of said that when buying it but having it hand I really enjoyed painting it.

    I must admit Diablo is a conundrum for me. I doubt I will use him but the completionist side nags me to paint him. The tattoos are whats holding me off with him still as I am just unsure how to go about tackling them.

    1. I just took the plunge with Diablo and used a dark grey for his tattoos. I focused mainly on the skill effect rather than any lettering. It's worked to an extent.

  6. Really nice work Kieron! I've been staring at the Suicide Squad boxset with extreme longing but just haven't got the budget to take the plunge yet.

    1. There are some very nice models in there, and the scenery is cool too. It's probably cheapest from Outpost, with 20% off, which helps.

  7. Excellent work mate. Iv had a crap couple of months but hope to be back in the hobby sortly.