Thursday 17 May 2018

The Quick and the Dead

Why ‘the quick and the dead’ you ask?

Quick because I’ve been doing these Descent models with alarmingly slapdash haste. 

Dead because, well, y’know...zombies!

Another batch of Descent models completed in time for our first outing into the world of Terrinoth, and they include my first two heroes.

First up, the zombies...

Nothing really to write home about here. My standard approach to zombie flesh, pale brown rotting garments, a quick wash, done.

I didn’t want to spend too long on these models as they’re frankly not very exciting. Single pose models always bore me somewhat, and so speed was the order of the day.

I did take the time to splatter the master zombie in gore to mark him out clearly though.

The first hero is Widow Tahra, a Half-Orc Necromancer/Witch. Yes, I agree, that does sound more like a villain.

The hero models in Descent are small, somewhere between 20mm and 25mm, and true scale. This, along with moulded bases, swirling cloaks and fairly shallow details does make painting a bit tricky for somebody who is overly reliant on washes and dry-brushes.

However, I’m quite pleased with how the Widow has turned out. I’ve tried to keep things simple, and it seems to have worked.

Widow Tahra will definitely be hitting the table in our inaugural campaign, as Matt requested to use her, and so being a lovely chap, I painted her first.

The second hero completed is Jain Fairwood, a Human Archer (much more heroic). No, I’m not going for a purple theme for my heroes, it just so happens that. The card art for these two, which I’m using as a guide, has them both in purple robes.

I’m quite pleased with Jain’s face. Not because it’s brilliant, but because it’s okay despite the model having very shallow features.

It’s not clear whether Jain will be joining the adventuring party, as Pete, to help speed things up, has painted his own character (he’s also bought the game to run with another group), and Wes hasn’t decided who he want to be. He’ll essentially get to choose from the models Pete and I have managed to paint before Sunday. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add a couple more options before the game...stay tuned...


  1. Fab job on them all. Zombies should be done in exactly that way! Love the heroes Half orc and the human archer the face is nice indeed.

    1. Thanks. I’m not unhappy with the zombies, I just find single pose stuff monotonous. I paint to play, rather than play to paint.

  2. Your 'slapdash' efforts look much better than I reckon I could manage with my best efforts.
    Since buying the game, I haven't managed a single outing, so I doubt I'll ever get the enthusiasm to paint my models.

    1. Thanks. Having people telling you that you’re starting the game in a few weeks helps no end with motivation...that and the grief I’d get if it wasn’t painted. :)

  3. Excellent work on the latest batch of Descent minis Kieron. I think my favourite is Jain. :)

    1. Thanks. I was surprised how well Jain came out, although I think I prefer the Widow.