Saturday 8 September 2018

Denizens of the Trollfens

Back from holidays, back to work and back to Act Two of our Descent campaign. In order to spice things up I’ve decided to paint up a few different monsters to throw against the group.

This group actually come from and expansion to the main game called ‘The Trollfens’. It includes three Harpies and two Plague Worms.

There are actually another model for each of these groups, but to speed things up I’ve decided to only paint what I need for our campaign for now.

As ever, with Descent miniatures, I’m keeping things simple and so there’s not much to write home about with the Harpies, although I’m keeping my ‘red means master monster’ rule for clarity during the game.

These Harpies stand a good chance of being drafted into my Masters of the Universe games as there are a group of Harpies that feature quite prominently in the movie that introduced She-Ra.

With the Plague Worms, I’ve painted in the same way I did my Death Worm for 7TV for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I like it and it should brighten up the game a bit as I’m aware that some of my monsters are a bit dour in their colour schemes.

Secondly, it allows me to use the alongside the Death Worm in scenarios, possibly as it’s progeny.

One slight point is that I’ve had to do their bases differently to the rest of the Descent models as the way they are sculpted means they needed to be surrounded by marsh water rather than dry earth. I’m fairly happy with the effect.

The campaign gets restarted tonight, so I’d best go and read the scenarios...and the rules, as it’s been a while.


  1. Worms and Harpies all look great mate nice work!

  2. These look really good mate, love those worms!

    1. Thanks. They’re a bit garish but they brighten the board up.

  3. Agreed! Looking good! I played some Descent a few years back. I loved the miniatures, but I wasn't big on the game itself. I didn't like how the GM could just spawn a ton of monsters around you where seconds ago there were none. Made for a lot of cheap deaths. I don't own the game, so I never found out if our GM was playing correctly...

    1. Cheers. I like the game but there are definitely a couple of issues with it. The adversarial nature of the game can lead to ‘gamey’ moments that spoil the fun and make the missions pretty much impossible for the characters.

      Imperial Assault is very much the revised version of Descent and deals with these things more effectively.

  4. I agree. Imperial Assault used the same 'threat-building" mechanic, but having to spawn at designated points meant players were less likely to get swarmed all of a sudden. Thus, more fun.