Saturday 28 March 2020

Added Firepower

A few more additions to my Fallschirmjager for Bolt Action: a flamethrower, two panzerfausts, and a HQ team.

I was hoping to get through things a little faster with being at home, however, I've been having a bit of struggle with my motivation which I don't know whether to put down to a lack of urgency that lockdown has brought with it; my frustration with ploughing through painting camouflage; or my general antipathy towards painting plastic miniatures.

The flamethrower is the last of the metal teams I got from Warlord Games, and the first flamethrower I've done for Bolt Action.

I'm well aware of the dread these things instill in me when they are on the other side of he table, and I'm hoping they will have a similar effect on my opponents.

Given the lack of anti-tank options Fallschirmjager have, panzerfausts are a must for providing defence against enemy armour because the panzerschrek I painted last week can't be everywhere.

Although I'm not overly keen on painting lots of camouflage, it is unsurprisingly good at hiding things, like some not brilliant assembly of multi-part plastic models. It covers up a multitude of sins.

One of the sins it covers up are some questionable decisions when it comes to posing miniatures. I put these together some months ago and I'm not sure what I was thinking.

However, they look okay but have reminded me how much more I prefer painting metal miniatures to plastics due to the more defined detail.

I still have one more sprue of Warlord Fallschirmjager to go to finish off my army, so I'll have to get my teeth and get through them.

That's six more painted but I recieved an order from Mantic Ganes that I placed to take advantage of free delivery, reduced prices and a stash of Mantic Points.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 79


  1. Very nice. Loving the flame thrower guy.

    1. Thanks, I'm quite pleased with how he turned out.

  2. These look rather good although I know what you mean about the deatil not been as crisp as on the metals.

    1. I have to laugh at myself because when I was younger I would scoff at older gamers who didn't like plastics. No, it seems, I am an 'older' gamer.