Saturday 13 June 2020

A Rough Neck Of The Woods

As I mentioned in my previous post, my Supers Unlimited Kickstarter from Kitbash Games has arrived and so I've started to work my way through it with one of the free stretch goal minis, Roughneck.

I've painted him pretty much as presented on the card, as it's a colour scheme that won't be out of place in other supers games or post-apocalyptic settings.

The model is nicely sculpted, but if I have a gripe it's that the baseball bat feels a little small. However, that may just be due to the oversized nature of weapons on many miniatures.

Roughneck joins my small band of heroes of Empire City (the Kitbash Games setting). He joins Doc Cosmos that I was given well before the Kickstarter campaign was conceived, and Tox, who has had a rebase after his time in the Evil Horde so that he abides by his profile card - Kitbash has provided each model with profile cards for use with Super Mission Force and Pulp City.

With that in mind, I decided to finally give Pulp City a try and have a bit of a throw down with my daughter between the heroes and a villain team consisting on my only Kitbash villain so far, Alpha Male, and two of my Red Republik characters from Pulp City, Siberian and Chernobog (yes, he looks like Thor).

In the ruined quarter of old Empire City, the cosmic crusader, Doc Cosmos, has teamed up with two of the Outcasts, Tox and Roughneck, to track down Alpha Male, henchman of the Shadow Axis. Word on the street is that he's meeting some contacts from a villainous organisation from outside Empire City. Doc Cosmos hopes to prevent these nefarious types joining forces and so our heroes enter the abandoned part of town, unaware that they are walking into a trap...

We got a few things wrong, but it was a fun game that was really easy to get to grips with once we'd decided the powers descriptors. With a game being only four rounds, it doesn't take long to play either.

I'm looking forward to getting more of my pledge painted to try out different characters and maybe pit my new team, Shadow Axis, against the Red Republik as their alliance falls apart.

Acquired: 205
Painted: 195


  1. That's a great looking miniature and I love what yo did with the camouflage on the trousers.

    1. Thanks. Painting Fallschirmjager has given me hard training in camouflage.

  2. Damn, he looks good! Nice batrep too!