Monday 22 June 2020

Extra Special Ops

Today's offering from Kitbash Miniatures is the second of the free stretch goal miniatures: Shadow Soldier.

Shadow Soldier is the evil twin/counterpart to Soldier Hex of the Covenant (which I didn't buy), and they are both military types with a flair for the arcane. Fortunately for me, one of the teams Shadow Soldier work with is the Shadow Axis, the team I bought.

In terms of painting, I went for a very military theme, with the idea that he's a covert ops specialist - in fact in Pulp City he has the infiltrator role, allowing him to get into enemy territory and take out targets early.

I'm not sure if I've ended up with the clothing being too dark, or whether this helps the infra-red goggles (he ignores the stealth rule) and magical incarnation stand out.

The magic circle (to coin a phrase) is actually a small conversion, using the hand of a Heroclix Doctor Strange figure. I like that it makes the magical element of the character more obvious visually, even though from certain angles it does look a bit like he's holding a fan or a dinner plate.

Another one done, another day without buying more stuff, another step forward on the tally.

Acquired: 211
Painted: 198


  1. Great job and those infra-red googles really make the whole thing pop!

    1. I used 'Blood for the Blood God' - which I used for glowing lights more than I use it for blood.