Saturday 27 June 2020

Thunder and Lightning, Very, Very Frightening

I'd like to apologise about the recent change in the weather. I suspect that me painting this chap might have something to do with it.

This is Stormfront, meteorological master and leader of the villainous cabal known as the Shadow Axis.

Here's a closer look.

This is yet another model from Kitbash Miniatures Kickstarter, which shipped recently. I didn't initially add Stormfront to my pledge as I was primarily looking for models that could double up for other projects, but when I realised that I had a fairly hefty Shadow Axis team in the making, I decided to add the leader.

And I'm really glad I did, as he's probably been my favourite model to paint from the range...even with a white cloak!

I've started to get the hang of using GW's Apothecary White contrast paint, but I've found that you really have to use it first for larger areas like the Stormfront's cape - which opens up the possibility of buggering it up whilst you do the rest.

However, this is such a cleanly sculpted model that this didn't prove to be anywhere near as problematic as I thought it might be.

I had considered chickening out and painting him up as the Sentry from the Dark Avengers, but two things stopped me.

Firstly, I'd just be trading issues with a white cloak for issues with a yellow costume. Secondly, I really, really don't like the character and the "let's mind-wipe everyone" retcon which was a really Bobby Ewing in the shower moment in the New Avengers.

Another thing I'm really liking about the Kitbash range is the use of integral flying bases, where characters have effects like Stormfront's smoke, and the 'just taking off' look, rather than simply jamming a transparent plastic rod up their ass.

There's only one more member of the Shadow Axis that I own to go now (although there are at least three I didn't buy initially that are now on the shopping list) before I've painted my whole pledge.

However, fear not, dear reader, I'm in a bit of a supers mood again, and I've got plenty to be going at.

Acquired: 217
Painted: 201

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