Sunday 28 June 2020

From tiny seeds...

And so I come to the last of my Kitbash Miniatures (for now), and the last of my Shadow Axis team (for now) with the team 'tank', Blackthorn.

Despite being, once again, a great sculpt, this model has proved the hardest to paint and is probably the one I'm least satisfied with. It's ended up darker and less defined than I wanted. I've tried several comvinations of drybrushes, highlights and washes, but it's just not turned out how I wanted.

I eventually went with some edge highlighting to a point where I was okay with what I had, and decided to back away before I ruined it. And I'm not unhappy, I'm just a bit sad that he's not as striking as some of the others I've done.

You might also notice that I've not followed the basing pattern for the Shadow Axis. Firstly, this is because having a humanoid plant, whose powers involve causing strangling vines to erupt out of the Earth, stood on metal walkways wouldn't make sense (although I did consider having the vines bursting through the floor).

However, the main reason is that I intend to also use this model as part of my Masters of the Universe project, being a fair representation (although it would be, if I'd got the lighter colour I was going for) of the 2002 version of a character called Evil Seed, who briefly joins forces with Skeletor.

I may revisit Blackthorn to try to brighten up the highlighting, but for now I'm stepping away from him until I know how I want to proceed - which I suspect involves a paint I don't currently own.

Rather than finish this little run on a downer, here's a more optimistic picture of the whole team assembled.

I know of at least four more potential teammates for the Shadow Axis that might be joining them in the bot too distant future.

Acquired: 217
Painted: 202

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