Sunday 21 June 2020


Another Kitbash Miniatures super done today. This time is the villainous wrestler Mayhem, tag team partner of Alpha Male, who I painted last year.

When the Kickstarter launched, I had intended to paint and use Mayhem as Piledriver, one of Marvel's Wrecking Crew. However, despite being a solid unit, he's dwarfed by the model I used as Wrecker, which is on a 40mm base. What's more, I didn't want to ruin the model with badly sculpted hair.

Therefore, with the Piledriver idea shelved, when it came to painting, I decided to simply have Mayhem match his tag-team partner, who I painted in tribute to Ravishing Rick Rude. This means that the hot pink tights will certainly make them stand out and identify them as a unit on the tabletop.

In game terms (at least in Pulp City) Mayhem and Alpha Male are able to chain activate after each other, out of the regular sequence. However, as brawlers, they'll really need to be up close with the enemy to take advantage of this ability.

Fortunately, I've not bought anything else since yesterday, so my painting tally gets to move in the right direction, albeit slowly.

Acquired: 211
Painted: 197


  1. they look great.
    still hear Ravishing Rick Rude's theme song when i look at Alpha Male. great job man.

    1. Thanks. I remember him so well on WCW. Each week he'd come on, insult the audience and flatten a nobody. He never seemed even remotely connected to the other narratives taking place.

  2. Is there anything cooler than brutes in pink leggins?

    1. It depends on context. Sometimes that's the last thing you want to see.