Saturday 13 June 2020

Thatched Barns Where Brigands Drink In The Reek

Sorry for the hiatus, apparently the real world wants to get started again so I've had to dial back on the amount of time I spend painting.

However, I have found the time to do these...

These are additions to my Burning of the Westfold scenario, which requires a grand total of seven buildings, although it doesn't specify that they all have to be fancy-shmancy, fairly pricey, Games Workshop models (although that is clearly the implication).

Therefore, I have gone with Renedra's cheap and cheerful thatched outbuildings, and for good measure I bought a pack of their fences whilst I was at it.

The outbuildings are really simple pieces and at £8 for two, kind to the pocket. Annoyingly, when built there is a gap between the roof and the walls at the highest point, and this needed filling. If I did more of these I'd address the issue before assembly.

In terms of painting, I've kept it really simple with a series of drybrushes, as these are never going to be a centrepiece and I just wanted to get them done. The last drybrush on the wood was a pale grey to get them to fit that aged ash look of the Rohan buildings in the films.

I may get round to basing them so that I can add some extra details to make them a bit more interesting - I'm imagining one as a wood store with a chopping block outside.

They are fairly versatile little buildings and I can seen them getting used for all kinds of fantasy setting, and historically the Dark Ages (maybe earlier?) right through to WW2, where they will be at home on the Eastern Front.

Speaking of versatility, these fences will get a ton of use.

There were eight sections on the sprues which I've put together as four lengths based on tongue depressers. I needed to trim them to fit and I also needed to mask the join as there aren't enough support posts to put an extra one per base.

I've painted them in the same way as the outbuildings.

All in all, the whole lot are simple, but I like them, and I'm sure theyll see a lot of table time.

I'm going to count them as 6 models for both acquisition and painting purposes. I've also recieved my Kitbash Games Kickstarter pledge, and as these came from my friend Leon, who runs Kitbash, it included a few other miniatures I'd ordered from him, plus a couple of freebies he'd thrown in. All in all, this amounts to another 15 models.

Acquired: 205
Painted: 194


  1. Dashed inconsiderate having to go back to the real world, but glad you found time for these. Cracking job.

    1. Thanks. This has also prodded me back to my original painting routine, from before the 'all day, every day' regime of lockdown.