Saturday 20 June 2020

Kitbashing Nostalgia

I've been back at work this week (which is weird) and this has had an impact on the time and motivation I've had for painting. 

However, I've still managed to paint up Plasmatron from the Kitbash Miniatures Kickstarter.

Those that are both observant and middle aged might recognise that I've painted Plasmatron to resemble Microwave, a character from the classic PC superhero RPG, Freedom Force, for my slowest burning nostalgia project.

The model is another cool sculpt, and I'm annoyed that I rushed cleaning up the few bits of flash and mould lines under the legs and right arm.

In terms of painting, it was a very quick job. I'm especially happy with developing a new approach to orange which focuses on highlighting up rather than my usual washing down.

I also tried to give the visor a more comic book look, but it didn't really work, so I washed over it and then drybrushed a pale blue. I'm happy I tried to be more ambitious, but also happy with the final result.

I may have had limited time for painting, but I've been more than able to buy a few more miniatures. I bought a small lot from Ebay and managed to grab an extra miniature from Kitbash for a total of 6.

Acquired: 211
Painted: 196


  1. Excellent mate. I remember Freedom Force. Wasn’t a bad game at all.

    1. Thanks. I really liked the setting and hokey silver age setting.

  2. Very nicely done, I always seem to struggle with orange, but you've nailed this.

    1. Thanks. I've struggled too, usually because I've found washing orange makes it dirty. With this I used Ratskin Flesh, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted with the Ryza Rust dry paint - which is new to me and I'm a fan.