Tuesday, 23 June 2020

What are we doing tonight, Brain?

The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

This is Big Brain, another member of the Shadow Axis, from the Kitbash Miniatures Kickstarter.

He's a fun little miniature I can see being used in 7TV games as a Mad Scientist or Insidious Industrialist. I've also painted his boots brown and trousers green as a nod to the obscure Marvel villain, Gremlin, so that he can be used in that capacity should I so choose.

The coat was done with the GW white contrast paint. Unlike others, this doesn't seem to reduce the amount of painting work required. However, I have found that if used over a white base, it helps start and guide the highlighting process.

I'm getting a little fidgety about the bases for the Shadow Axis, and so there may be a little rebasing operation when I can get my hands on something a bit fancier.

Although it's been only a day since my last post, my painting tally has taken a hit thanks to Wargames Illustrated being back in production and sending me six Germans in winter coats. I have a cunning plan for these, but they still add to the pile of shame.

Acquired: 217
Painted: 199


  1. Is just the best super villain miniature! I love it.

    1. He's a funky little fella. I think that's why I want a different base. He deserves more.