Monday, 4 October 2021

If you gotta go, go with a smile!

Zombies can't drive.

There's a 7TV Apocalypse day coming up in November, with an emphasis on vehicles.

My post-apocalyptic miniatures have a distinct bias towards the zombie-flavoured apocalypse.

This is a problem.

At least I can laugh about it...

As you might have guessed, the answer to my problem was my neglected BMG collection, and specifically my Joker crew. Not only do the clowns look suitably post-apocalyptic but they already have a van to drive around in.

This a Crooked Dice buggy that I picked up a few years ago when they were first released but never really worked out how to use.

A coat of purple paint with green details later and I now have a gun-buggy to run interference for my van full of clowns.

One of the elements I'm most pleased with are the 'HAs'. I'm never totally comfortable with freehanding lettering, but these have come out exactly as I wanted - scrawled in slightly unhinged strokes.

The driver isn't really the centre of attention but adds a splash of different colours. The face has been done as if he's wearing facepaint under his goggles and a bandana with a smile design on.

I've done better, but it works.

All in all this is an addition which kills several birds with a single stone. It allows me to complete a cast for an event, it makes use of something I already had and it allows me to break out some models I really like and haven't used for some time.

Acquired: 129
Painted: 169


  1. Nicely done Kieron! Sounds like Simon & you are attending the save event as he is blogging about the same topics!

    1. Yep. Unless one of us can't make it, we both go to pretty much every 7TV un the Midlands and North of England.

  2. Very cool use of the buggy

  3. Looks fab Kieron. The purple and the ha ha's make it fit in perfect.

    1. It's also nice to be adding to the BMG stuff. I've still got a chunk of unpainted stuff.