Tuesday 25 April 2023

Lurkers From The Deep: Issue 2

Continuing (eventually) with the FBI raid on the New England town of Marshport, Agent Sterns leads his task force against the Finley Cannery, the headquarters of the smuggling kingpin and inner circle cultist Old Ma Finley and her bizarre, bulging eyed kin and minions.

Canned Heat is the second scenario from the 7TV Pulp feature pack Lurkers From The Deep, which draws inspiration from Lovecraftian influences, especially the short story The Shadow Over Innesmouth.

In this scenario, I took control of the 'fishy' goings on of the Finley Cannery who have donned the red robes of the cult of Dagon as I don't own enough Fishfolk Hybrids:

Old Ma Finley - Co-Star
Captain William Best (Ship's Captain) - Extra
Armed Cannery Cultist (First Mate) - Extra
7 Cannery Cultists (Fishfolk Hybrids) - Extras
2 Shambling Horrors (Protoplasmic Horrors) - Extras

Matt once again took control of the forces of the FBI, intent on inflicting police brutality on the inhabitants of Marshport for the crimes of smuggling and looking different.

Agent Sterns (Covert Operative) - Co-Star
3 FBI Agents (Special Agents) - Extras
4 NHPD Cops (Field Agents) - Extras
Coastguard Captain (Ship's Captain) - Extra
3 Coastguard (Deck Hands) - Extras

Despite have an advantage in ranged attacks, the fragmented forces of law and order were driven back, but not before Agent Sterns managed to finish of Old Ma Finley with the last roll of the game, leaving the score at 5-4 to the villains.

The run of the Cliffhanger deck went with me for the early turns, leaving the two FBI agents on the boat stranded and several of the Coastguard floundering in the water, stalling their advance. I almost got Old Ma killed with the reckless charge towards the police, but was able to escape when I realised that escape was exactly what her abilities were designed for.

We both enjoyed what felt like a well balanced scenario with casts that lacked the usual star-shenanigans. We did decide to apply the newer version of steal the scene, which we got used to during the playtesting for the Dracula feature pack (activate only a single star or co-star, rather than your whole cast). Going forwards, I think we'll be doing that in all of our games as it makes for a much better experience. Matt used this to get the initial wound on Old Ma, causing me to use mine to get her to run away.

It might be a short while before we play scenario 3 as I need to paint up a few GIs and a Shoggoth, which I intend to scratchbuild...watch this space...