Monday 22 April 2024

The Scavenger

Have you seen the Fallout TV series on Amazon?

It's good. Even if you've not played the games. This is a hard recommendation to watch it.

Naturally, this has spurred me to paint some miniatures for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare. The only problem being that I don't currently have any unpainted.

What I do have is a handful of 30mm bases that are not only the right size, but also don't have the height of GW bases and so fit well with the Fallout range.

I also have a bitz box and a Lead Mountain to scavenge through; leading to these four...

Basically I had a rummage to see what I had that might conceivably work in the Fallout setting with inspiring howls of outrage about getting it wrong (mainly from Matt and Pete).

The thing is, what I've learned as a relative newcomer to the setting, Fallout has quite a specific look. It shares quite a few post-apocalyptic tropes l, but with a 50's slant, meaning that you can't just include any old Mad Max wannabe.

Also, the guns and other technology are very specific to the setting, ruling out another chunk of models.

However, these four miniatures are me taking a stab at trying to get it vaguely right.

First up is this Grenadier/Mirliton Miniatures Future Savage that I've had for decades, who was clearly designed at the height of the popularity of the Mad Max franchise. I had to replace his blade as his original knife had been removed as he'd been destined for life as a Goliath Juve in Necromunda and was meant to gain a gun.

I'm using him as a Raider (a faction which have more than a touch of the road warrior about them), and as nods to the setting, I've given him blue leggings taken off a vault dweller (or was he originally a vault dweller?) and a Nuka-Cola badge.

Although his mohawk is probably a bit much, and he's probably a little to muscular compared to the miniatures in the range, this works for a potential leader or key henchman in a Raider gang. 

I'm calling him 'Scorpio' due to the symbol on his medallion.

This kid has clear roots in Mad Max and came as a free stretch goal when I backed the 7TV: Apocalypse Kickstarter a few years ago.

There's nothing that rules her out of the setting, except perhaps the pith helmet, but if Super Mutants can wear leather flying helmets, I'm allowing this.

I like her matter of fact stance, and I have a mind to use her as a Scavenger (hence the variety of items I've added to her base) or a Free Tech, as she is actually wearing a tool belt.

This is an attempt to create a specific character, and as such is most likely to be declared wrong, even though I've tried hardest to get her right, using the Wargames Factory female survivors sprue I've had for years.

The character she's based on is called Cait and is a substance abusing put fighter (I think) who can become a companion in Fallout 4.

I've broadly got the outfit, look and equipment right, but it's the details such as the boots and belt that miss the mark. It's not something that bothers me, having no attachment to the character, and I'm just pleased to be able to add a bit more variety to my Survivors faction.

The model I'm least happy with is another Wargames Factory creation. She's not based on anyone in particular, her clothing is a bit too modern, the pose lacks any real dynamism and the shotgun is wrong.

However, nothings so bad that the model is going to jar against the main range, I'm just less happy with her. She's probably best used as a Settler, and as such is not likely to stay on the table long.

All in all I'm happy with how they've turned out. The slightly different scaling of heads (especially on Cait) is noticeable, but only if your looking for it. Also, as a pit fighter you might expect her to be a bit more thick set.

However, I've scratched an itch, added to my models for the setting and killed time whilst waiting for an order of official miniatures to arrive.

Did I not mention that?

Of course there's been an impulse purchase in direct response to watching a TV programme. I'm a slave to pop culture.

Some Raiders and Brotherhood of Steel will be entering the vault under Lead Mountain very soon.

Acquired: 17
Painted: 247
Lead Mountain: 825


  1. Great looking survivors, and clever use of models from other ranges, from what you see in the series the settlements contain all manner of people ( know nothing on how this relates to the games as I've never played them)

    1. Thanks. I hadn't played the games until recently, I've weirdly arrived at Fallout through the tabletop game first, rather than games or TV. The settlers are very typical for post-apocalyptic settings, but with a western flair. The guns are the trickiest bit to match as they are very different.

  2. Fab work. Thats a great likeness for Cait. To be fair you can dress your companions if you so choose in Fallout 4 so you can get away with a lot more.

    1. Thanks. I just went through the range to see who I could imitate with the Wargames Factory sprue.

  3. Fabulous! I am thoroughly enjoying the series too and have found my butterfly brain wondering if I could justify another slight diversion?

    1. Thanks. Slight diversions are my stock in trade, so I might be the wrong person to ask.