Sunday 12 May 2024

The Gang's All Here

Whilst I've been plugging away through Fallout 3, I've also slowly finished off my last three Raiders for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Admittedly, getting distracted by looking for my dad, looking in every filing cabinet in Washington DC and being a goddamn hero (must be true, Three Dog said so) has impacted on my painting pace, however I was reluctant to approach these three due to the volume of straps combined with bare flesh (which is hard to fix if I mess up the straps) made them something I wasn't overly keen to dive into.

However, once I began I found these three to be more uniform than they initially appeared, clearly having been based on the same 3d model in the sculpting process, which has simply been posed differently and had head and weapon swaps.

This meant that once I'd been through the first, I could ignore the concern that I would miss straps given that I knew where they all were.

After realising this, they seems less daunting. Therefore, after painting the skin (Gulliman Flesh or Wyldwood - any better suggestions for a contrast paint suitable for darker skin tones?) and picking a coloured for the trousers, I simply picked out all the straps in Mournfang Brown and the metal in Leadbelcher and gave everything but the skin a wash in Agrax Earthshade.

I still might go back and pick out some of the tiny cords round their legs in a brighter colour, but I'm concerned that this will draw attention to how similar they actually are.

Of the three, I prefer the pose of this one, a 'Psycho'. Not only was it significantly easier to paint, but it's also quite imposing. It's also significantly less likely to loose its fragile weapons than the other two.

I once again went for Hexwraith Flame on the single eye-lens to add some contrast to and focus to a model without a face.

And here's the completed Raider Core Box, along with my ancient Grenadier model, who fits in pretty well. Close up he's a bit bulkier, but his face not being visible (and highlighting the different sculpting aesthetic) helps him to blend in.

I think I'll be using him as a Psycho Outlaw, which is a tougher version of the Psycho profile, to explain his much more muscular physique.

That means I've now painted all the Fallout minis I own, and I can field four factions to a decently playable size. I am interested in picking up more in due course, especially now I know who some of the named characters are. However, I'm going to try to get some games played before investing too heavily.

Having said that, I do have an idea to add a bit more life to my wasteland in the form of a couple more proxies creatures based on the contents of my Lead Mountain.

Acquired: 28
Painted: 255
Lead Mountain: 828


  1. Such an awesome looking group!

  2. Great completion of the group, they tie in well together.
    In regards to darker skin tones, it depends on the darkness you want, GW Catachan Flesh, I find really dark, Vallejo Dark flesh tone is a reddy brown, I tend to use GW Steel Legion Drab, and then darken or lighten from there.

    1. Thanks for the tips. I've tried several methods for different skin tones but never been very happy with them.