Tuesday 11 June 2024

Lead From The Front

I've recently got back to listening to the audiobook versions of the Horus Heresy novels whilst I paint (I'm about half way through the whole thing, in case you're interested), and this has naturally influenced me in my painting, causing me to turn my hand to the last unpainted Horus Heresy models I own.

Enter, the command squad...

This unit has been cobbled together with some spare tactical marines, making use of what I had rather than with any great plan in mind, but I'm quite pleased with the result and actually think they might have a very definite battlefield role (which is possibly dying first).

They finally bring my Blood Angels army for the Horus Heresy to the 'standard' game level of 3000 points, although there's still the small issue of game legality due to my 'inaccurate' Terminators not being to take transport for 'reasons'.

Leading the group is Dominion Zephon, a named character I received as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure I'll use him as Zephon, and will probably field him as a regular Praetor armed with a paragon blade, intent on charging him into the enemy general at the earliest opportunity.

It's nice, however, that I have the option to use the character too. Apparently he turns up later in the book series, so I might be more motivated when that happens.

The model went together really well and has lots of details without being too fiddly and annoying. However, the pose is a bit weird and it makes getting good photos quite hard.

As I said earlier, the command squad are kitbashed from tactical marines and there are four of them because I had four models and they are armed with power swords because that's the close combat option that comes on the tactical marines sprues.

The shields were chosen because it was a way to allow them to fight with two weapons (weirdly, shield don't interfere with this, they all have holstered bolt pistols) without giving them all plasma pistols, which would be more pricey and self-destructive.

I've aimed for a hoplite style to the shields, almost as if each warrior is responsible for his own design and the choices are personal to them.

The only parts that didn't come from the tactical marine sprues were: the shoulder pads, which are from 40k upgrade sprues; the jump packs, which are from Max Mini (bought long before 30k assault marines were released); and the shields, which are from plastic Wargames Factory ancient skirmishers I've had for years.

I have no idea if this unit will be efficient, but I think they will be a good 'infantry-blender' units, able to cut through power armoured foes with ease but probably giving heavier targets a wide berth.

The standard bearer carries the company 'banner', which doesn't include a flag because I didn't have anything suitable in my bits box. Also, I personally thing that what would essentially be a sail wouldn't aid I'm in mid air, and loose bits of material flapping around a large turbine might end badly.

Instead he's got a Romanesque 'eagle' which includes a variety of bits I had lying around, tarted up with a couple of transfers. 

He has a power fist just in case the unit dies end up tangling with heavier targets.

After 3000 points, I'm still no faster at painting Blood Angels, so I'm not sure I want to leap straight into getting more. However, now I have a full army, I would like to start trailering it to make it make a bit more sense - for example, these are the only jump troops I currently have, which means that dropping in from the sky would likely be a suicide mission, so some support might be in order.

I've also spent the week assembling and undercoating a whole range of models from various projects (including some new miniatures for Fallout I took delivery of), so you can expect me to be bouncing around various projects in upcoming posts.

Acquired: -82
Painted: 278
Lead Mountain: 690


  1. Great looking Heresy marines, the jetpacks look great, even though they are not official ones, may have to look into some of them.

  2. Sons of Sanguinius looking good mate