Friday, 1 November 2019

You Have Failed This Photograph

Another Batman miniature, and this time it's the defender of Star City, Green Arrow.

Painting was pretty straightforward, green base, green was, black wash, skin and then details.

What was much more difficult was getting a picture where the sink on the base wasn't washed out.

Why is there a sink on the bases?

Well, this particular miniature is one of many in the BMG range which makes use of a tactical rock. However, said tactical rock was missing when I bought this second hand, and so I made use of a Fenris Games base I'd bought which had a feature the right size for Mr Queen to perch on...hence the sink.

Unfortunately, sinks are white. My usual trick of taking photos outside to make my painting look better is somewhat undermined by the white sink ending up bleaching in every photo I took.

I even tried indoors, and although the sink looked better, it led to a very boring photo.

My final shot was probably the best. Under some foliage to shade the model a little. It doesn't help that I'm not overly happy with how I've painted the sink when it can be seen properly.

I may need to revisit it.

Other than that, you may notice that this isn't the Stephen Amell version from the TV show. This was a deliberate choice when selecting which Green Arrow to buy, as not only is my Flash not from the TV show, but also it doesn't cause me to feel the need to pick up the rest of the TV show models (John Diggle, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Reverse Flash, Damian Dark, Merlyn, Vibe and Harrison Wells, as well as a other Flash). You can see how the cost could add up.

Additionally, I've tended to avoid the TV and movie versions of the characters as Knight Models have an annoying habit of not completing ranges (e.g. they've done all of the movie Justice League, but not Cyborg). The only movie versions I have are a few from The Dark Knight trilogy which were amongst the earliest models they released, and even then they didn't do Talia or Catwoman until this year. I won't be chasing them down as you have to buy big boxed sets to get them.

Anyhow. Another model done.

Acquired: 190
Painted: 184


  1. The irony of the sink being 'washed 'out is not lost. :) What a great miniature and beautifully painted.

    1. Thanks but I honestly didn't think of that. I feel a deep sense of shame about missing it.

  2. Looks good. I did like painting this more than the show version.

    1. It just allows for a bit more brightness.