Thursday 31 October 2019

What Exactly Do They Do?

I wrote a few months ago that the Eternian Palace Guard were the most ineffectual guards in the universe. However, they do face stiff competition in this regard from today's offering: Commissioner Gordon and the GCPD.

Admittedly, they do a bang up job of blaming Batman/Bruce Wayne for pretty much any crime he's framed for, and the Commissioner does an excellent line in being used as bait in ostentatious traps, but when it actually comes to tracking down and apprehending criminals, they're not exactly up to scratch.

This bunch are from the Batman Miniatures Game and were never high on my shopping list because early on I repurposed some Heroclix into these roles. However, when my recent Batman bug bit, I took the opportunity to snap up a second hand set that have been sitting in my FLGS for a good long while at the bargain price if £10.

Second hand models which have already been assembled often have slight issues, and with the fiddliness of Knight Models miniatures these were slightly mor pronounced. Bravo (above) needed disassembling to straighten out his shotgun, which still isn't prefect, and Alpha (below) needed a gap in his shoulder filling as he'd been put together badly and I couldn't remove his arms.

The SWAT team aren't my best work as I struggle a bit with dark colours. I prefer to use washes the shade that highlight up. However, the dark outfits also hide a multitude of sins, so I'm not going to worry about it too much.

I'm much happier with Commissioner Gordon. I've gone with grey hair rather than red as I've always associated the older version of Gordon as being in the Commissioner role, and the younger incarnation, such as in Batman: Year One, being the one with red hair.

Nothing amazing, but another four models to the good. I really do enjoy painting the Batman range. I need to remember that.

Acquired: 190
Painted: 183