Sunday 12 November 2023

Elves of the Golden Wood

As our Quest of the Ringbearer campaign makes its way through Moria, the need for me to prepare for the arrival of the Fellowship at Lothlorien intensifies.

Enter the Galadhrim...

The next scenario after Moria sees Haldur and his Elves come to the aid of the Fellowship as they flee pursuing Goblins and Wargs. I believe it's based on a deleted scene from the movies.

As I owned no Wood Elves for MESBG I took to eBay to pick up some of the old metal models. Haldir and three of the Elves needed a Dettol (which works great on metal, less so on plastic) bath to strip the old pain job, whilst the other three Elves arrived clean.

Painting these models was relatively simple as I relied on contrast paints, washes and drybrushing which always seem to work much better on metal miniatures.

The robes are just two coats of Nuln Oil over a Grey Seer base with a drybrush if Administratum Grey.

Perhaps the trickiest bit of the painting was the gold filigree on the scabbard and quivers. It wasn't clear what the pattern was meant to be so I've not worried to much as from arm's length the suggestion that the filigree is there is enough.

When it came to basing I've added some white flowers to the bases as I have acquired some and it seemed appropriate for characters from Lothlorien. They probably should be yellow, but I didn't have that colour.

Haldir has a bit of an odd pose. Firstly, he doesn't have a bow and that's his whole thing in game (he's a low rent Legolas). Then he's holding his sword out at arm's length, almost as he's handing it to someone. It's not like it's even something he does in the film. Weird choices.

There is only scenario in which Haldir's Elves appear, meaning that they will only get a brief time in the spotlight. However, thanks to Peter Jackson inserting Elves into the Battle of Helm's Deep, I will end up with a playable Lothlorien force for regular games of MESBG 

I need to do some more Wargs before the Lothlorien scenario, and I will need them for events in Rohan too, so it might be a little while before Haldir and chums hit the table.

Acquired: 90*
Painted: 270
Lead Mountain: 421*

* I haven't finished sorting the huge chunk of miniatures that came into my possession last week and so these stats are still in flux and likely to increase...a lot!


  1. Fantastic looking elves, they look like trhey have been taken straight off the movie set.

    1. Thanks very much. I'd never really picked up that they were wearing grey and black before doing these. For some reason I thought they were dressed in brown.