Saturday 25 November 2023

Rising Sunz

More Gorkamorka, and this time I've turned my attention to the Boyz.

This bunch are the blister pack of metal Gorkamorka miniatures I added to my plastics from the starter set twenty-five years ago.

The base game came with two Trukks, two Wartrakks and twelve boys, which were easy to split between us. I supplemented my half of the set with the metal boyz, a spanner (sort of like a mekboy), a biker and a Wrecker Trukk.

Only the spanner has not come back into my possession, so you can expect to see the rest popping up over the next few weeks.

This rather impressive fellow will be serving as my Nob initially, at least until different armour, equipment or bionics require an updated model.

I've painted my Orks using the same method I used on the small army I painted earlier in the year. A base coat, which is drybrushed in Ushabti Bone before being washed with Agrax Earthshade and then highlighted (the drybrush helps to guide the highlighting).

I've gone with red accents to make them match my Wartrakk, and also potentially make them into a small Evil Sunz mob in games of 40k Second Edition.

The definition on these old sculpts it really good and full of character, much more so than the plastics. However, the downside of metal sculpts of this period was the duplication of poses, as you can see with these two boys.

I've tried to use the way I've painted them to make them as different as possible whilst still maintaing a cohesive look.

In game these two will bring me slightly longer range shooting than is possible with the weapons available with the starting plastic gang. This will help when the Big Shootas on my vehicles inevitably run out of ammo the first time they fire.

Gorkamorka owes a lot of its design to Necromunda, and this includes the construction of gangs. In Necromunda young gang members are known as Juves, whereas in Gorkamorka these adolescent Orks are called Yoofs and are only able to carry pistols.

To create more variety, both of the models had one separate arm which allowed for a degree of posing. I can't remember if there were options for these separate arms.

You may notice that Gorkamorka models have teeny-tiny bases to allow more of them to fit inside the vehicles (which you to carry as many as you can cram in). I did initially put them on 20mm round bases for stability and to make them match my 40k army, but I struggled to get more than two in a Trukk without it looking silly, so I returned to the official bases.

Also, in attempt to make some quick headway into my massively expanding Lead Mountain, I did these eight barrels that cam with the original game.

They were done simply with a base colour, as wash of Agrax Earthshade and then stippling Lead Belcher with a torn piece of sponge to add the wear and tear. They will serve as terrain, cover and possibly objectives.

Despite this attempt to make inroads, I need to accept some more additions to my pile from the hoard.

I've added a whopping 45 monopose Empire state troops along with 25 Undead and Giant Bats, which will be featuring in an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Battle project soon, and hopefully preventing me from buying Warhammer: The Old World. However, right now my numbers are getting ugly and there's more to come.

Oh well, at least I know what my New Year's Resolution will be.

Acquired: 198
Painted: 283
Lead Mountain: 536


  1. Great work on these classic models, really bring back a lot of memories. Great call on tying your colours to your 40K army, as then you have reinforcements.

    1. My 40 Orks are sorely in need of vehicles too.