Friday 4 January 2013

FOW Campaign - State of Play

With a bit of a hiatus over Christmas the campaign ground to a little bit of a halt, and I also forgot to post the most recent game results. So a quick update...

The Americans continued their speedy advance but were caught on the hop and forced to hold their gains in a swirling cauldron of fire.  Although they took losses, General Matton's men held on for victory (4-3).

Meanwhile, the 8th Army and the Afrikakorps engaged in a fierce 'dust up' in the desert. The Germans struggled to hold against the waves of British tanks whilst sending a small strike force to cut the British lines of communication, forcing the British to retreat. (4-3)

So, with the campaign extended to the end of January (due to the lack of games in December) the Americans need only a single victory to secure their objective. The British and Soviets have struggled to make gains and the Germans have done well to hold as long as they have.

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