Sunday 27 January 2013

January Targets Met (...well, sort of)

So my target for this month was to paint and base my Blood Bowl team - the  Mushington Redcaps. That's fifteen little guys and two big guys. Here they are with their bases finally done.

If I'm honest, I also said I'd get my re-roll, turn and score markers done as well, but I've had them made for me by Andy and so will be picking them up tonight. With luck, I'll succeed in getting them done by the actual end of the month.

I'm really pleased that I've got these chaps done as their first game is next Sunday against JP's Necromantic Team with the most convoluted name I've ever encountered, the 'Shhh....Arrggh! Noooo! Scares'. I'm hoping that I can hold them to a whitewash!

As for next month, I'm off to Vapnartak in York at the weekend, and I've got a few purchases in mind. Primarily I want to get some terrain for my superhero gaming, and possibly some models for my 1812 Americans. I've also got some miniatures on order, their for the new Batman: Arkham City game from Knight Models - Killer Croc and some Policemen to be precise.

These models are absolutely gorgeous, although I'm a little uncertain as to whether the scale (nominally 35mm) will match some of the larger Heroclix models I've got, so I've help back on ordering more for now. If they do match, I'll probably end up only buying the minis for characters I don't have decent Heroclix sculpts for (Catwoman and Nightwing spring to mind), as the range is somewhat pricey. If they don't match, I will have a bit of soul searching as to whether to pursue expensive quality or stick with what I've got.

Anyway, those decisions will come later - for now my target for February is:

  • Paint and base Killer Croc and the two Gotham Policemen to a higher standard than my usual
  • Rebase and repaint/touch up at lease three Heroclix characters
  • Construct and begin painting my first piece of urban terrain
That's quite a big target, but February does include a half term. However, I'll work on things one at a time and that last target is suitably vague as to allow me to prioritise effectively.


  1. That team looks good, go and paste those necromantic nansy boys :D

  2. Half term?! You've only just gone back!

  3. Hah, at some point these guys will come up against my goblins, and we can't both lose...