Thursday 4 September 2014

Welcome to Gotham...

So last night I introduced Wes to the Batman Miniature Game. I'm still learning the game myself so we only played a small game of 134 points (I had a card printing issue which limited things) and didn't use objectives or strategies. Technically we played the Skirmish scenario, but it was really just a straight fight.

The crews were as follows:

My Gotham Knights:
 - Batman (Dark Knight Rises)
 - Gotham Policewoman (with Whistle)

Wes' League of Shadows:
 - Deadshot (treated as a League of Shadows leader)
 - High Security Prisoner (with Night Vision Goggles)
 - Prisoner

Rather than do a full report, I've done another comic using comic life.

Technically, I won the game by a massive 2VP's to nothing, but in reality it was touch and go. Batman fluffed both his initial attack on Deadshot and his first round of combat against the High Security Prisoner. By the end of the game Batman had only 2 endurance left, and the Policewoman had just 1. What's more, Batman only KO'd the High Security Prisoner by virtue of a critical in the last round; if he'd still been standing, he probably would have finished off one oft characters to win the game.

Deadshot is a beast whilst he has ammo, and we learned a little about how to use henchmen to run interference. Having used other versions of Batman, I think I prefer the Arkham version to the Dark Knight Rises Batman, but that may be because Deadshot completely negated his stealth ability.

All in all, this was a fun learning experience, and Wes seems keen to play again. I want to try out objectives and a larger game, but after initially being wary, I'm really beginning to enjoy the Batman Miniatures Game, it has a lot of depth and character to it.

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