Sunday 15 May 2016

Avengers 1978 - 7TV2

I decided to have a quick run out of 7TV2 to try out the rules. This was meant to be against an opponent, but due to circumstances beyond our control, I ended up playing this one solo. I actually used a scenario from the 7TV1 rulebook as it provided an instant storyline.

It also gave me a chance to get the miniatures from my Marvel project on the table. I've been told that 7TV doesn't support a power level appropriate for superheroes, however, given that the game is based on the TV series of the sixties and seventies, I don't need to worry about the building-smashing antics of today's movies, I can set my bar with something a bit more down to earth...

As you can see from the link, there's nothing in the TV shows and movies from the seventies that the 7TV rules can't cope with. Although I'm disappointed that my Hawkeye doesn't look like Alan Alda.

Before starting to mess with stat cards to allow characters like Iron Man or Spider Woman show up, I decided to play my first game using characters who were easy to represent with existing stat cards, and so my initial game was played with the following forces:

Avengers 1978:
Daredevil - Action Hero (I swapped his pistol for a Bola to represent his billy club)
Black Widow - Angel of Justice

Daredevil & Black Widow, Promo Photoshoot (1975)
Viper - Faithful Lackey
6 Hydra Goons - Minions with SMGs

Viper & Goon, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD (1998)
PILOT EPISODE - "One of our satellites is missing"

In the wake of NASA satellites going missing, elite S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow teams up with vigilante Daredevil and follow the evidence leading to an apparently abandoned industrial plant in Hell's Kitchen. After overcoming initial mutual suspicion and distracted by the obvious romantic attraction between them, the climax of the episode sees the heroes breaking into the facility, guarded by the minions of the insidious HYDRA, in order to find the location of the most recent downed satellite.

All seems quiet at the plant.

Daredevil heads for an open window.

Black Widow makes her way through the loading bay.
(I forgot about her 'Spy' ability)

Alerted, the HYDRA forces spread out to search the grounds.

Daredevil makes it inside.

Viper leads the hunt.

Black Widow finds herself cornered...

...but deftly avoids enemy fire.

It appears that there was some sort of confusion in the filming of the episode as after a commercial break, return to the action found Black Widow a long way from the predicament she was previously in and Viper in amongst the cargo containers instead, (the Countdown Deck adds a real sense of the genre).

Black Widow, mixing it with the goons.

Viper, suddenly and inexplicably alone.

Black Widow high kicks her way through the crowd.

Daredevil surprises a guard.

Black Widow's way is blocked.

She opts for a different route and Daredevil follows in support.

Black Widow locates the information she needs.

Daredevil takes out the trash.

An ambush fails to stop Black Widow.

Daredevil confronts Viper and defeats her.

Black Widow makes her escape.

The mission succeeds, they know where the satellite is.

A lone guard wonders how to break the news to his boss.

The 7TV2 rules are slick and easy. The Countdown Deck, Gadgets and activation mechanism adds tactical depth and random silliness which are completely appropriate to the TV shows of the era. My only issue was that the HYDRA minions just couldn't land a hit on the heroes. I suspect that this was because by not being in a unit, they were always short of activation counters to help their attacks. Also, SMG's prevent aiming, which doesn't help either - I'll probably give them rifles next time.

For the next episode, I'll need to stat up a couple more heroes, as they go in hunt of the missing satellite.


  1. Fabtastic report mate. Looks great and love the story that unfolded. Smgs are only really any good against low defense numerous targets. Rifles with aim ate far better against stars.

    1. The ineffectual SMGs actually helped the sense of genre as the spray of non-lethal bullets got very 'A-Team' at times.

  2. Love the idea you had behind this Kieron. :)

    Great use of a different game to evoke a particular theme, and the minis and terrain look ace. :)

    1. I need a bit more industrial terrain to do this properly. I'm fine for city streets, but I could do with more cover as there were times when characters were forced to hunker down rather than getting stuck in as it meant crossing open ground.

  3. Terrific stuff Kieron. Lovely minis, board and some splendid rules. I'm a huge fan of "7TV" and this was an absolute blast :-)

    1. Thanks. I thought this would be up your street.

  4. Excellent fun, it really starts to give a flavour of the times.

    1. Thanks. Knowing that the Incredible Hulk would struggle to lift a car really helps with scaling power to suitable levels.

  5. Nice to see some old favourites get a run out, great adaptation

  6. Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing.