Monday, 24 December 2018

“I’ll be back...after Christmas”

Just before signing off for the festive period, I thought I’ve got a few bits and pieces I’ve put together for Terminator: Genysis from Warlord Games.

Warlord, fairly regularly, have sales of stuff that isn’t selling especially well and, quite frankly, nothing fits that description better than their Terminator line.

Therefore, in the summer, a sale popped up and I took the opportunity to buy a few bits and pieces to add to my collection - like those two regular Terminators above.

In the sale was a ‘spider-dog’ mobile gun platform, which came with a choice of three weapons. I went with the rocket launcher as it adds some anti-tank punch for when Matt inevitably builds and paints his Abrams tank.

The presence of a flamethrower opened up the opportunity of a quick conversion of a regular endoskeleton for some close range pest control.

I then used the weapon bits I’d carved off the flamethrower guy to fashion a command upgrade unit to fit to the back of the final endoskeleton. This allows me access to some of the tactical options available to the Resistance, using a commander to concentrate fire or coordinate movement.

My final upgrade to the Machines was an infiltrator, which was easily done by giving a Resistance model an arm replacement. I splattered blood over the arm suggesting that the infiltrator has only just been revealed.

Given that I’d bought a single sprue of Resistance models to make one infiltrator, it only seemed fair to paint the others up to add a couple more commanders (and several plasma rifles) to my force.

None of what I’ve painted is particularly special, this project is the very definition of quick and cheap. However, I am considering revisiting my Terminators with a silver drybrush to brighten them up.

This sudden rush of productivity was encouraged by a Christmas Eve Eve game with Matt. The scenario was ‘Occupy’ which meant capturing objectives, and we had corner deployment.

Matt bolstered his forces with a couple of cars to add speed, mobility and extra rocket launchers. This one is his post-apocalyptic, Top Gear themed ‘Road Worrier’.

Meanwhile, my tactical plan was to walk slowly forwards and kill everything.

Things started well for me when I took out both vehicles early, although my commander suffered the curse of new models and was destroyed in the second turn.

The relentless advance strategy worked well, and although I took heavy fire, the endoskeletons pressed on with a particular highlight being when the flamethrower incinerated the occupants of the central warehouse.

Things seemed to be going to plan when I launched my infiltrator into the enemy lines and started tearing their throats out one by one.

By turn four I was definitely winning, however, victory was snatched from Sky-Net by a series of unfortunate events: long range rocket-launcher strike on my rearguard; blowing up the infiltrator with a grenade-launcher; and a frankly terrible series of rolls that saw an objective holding endoskeleton fluff his attacks, get reeled by an assault rifle and then be finished off by a ‘Hasta la vista baby’ attack from the guy it failed to kill.

And so the game followed the pattern of the movies with a narrative structure of everything is terrible, lots of people die and then at the last minute the good guys win.

I still think Terminator: Genysis is a sadly underrated game, as it always gives us an enjoyable time and as Matt observed, the games actually play like the battle scenes in the films.

The next time you see it on offer (which is pretty much all the time) it’s definitely worth the tenner I paid, and probably more.

Future plane for this game involve kitbashing some characters for Wargames Factory plastic survivors and terrible Tank I picked up cheaply.

Oh, and Arnie.

On that festive note, have a great Christmas and I’ll be back with our big Christmas game and review of 2018 just before New Year.

Ho ho ho!


  1. Nice report. The new additions look great.

    1. Cheers. I do think I need to do some drybrushing though, to make them more chrome-looking.

  2. I enjoyed this report. I really must build my resistance and terminators bought from the same sale I suspect.

    1. If it was the one in August, then yes it was. I dithered for a day or two though, and missed out on getting Kyle Reese for a quid.

  3. Thanks for the post. Happy holidays Kieron! This looks great. I might have to spring for this. I love me some killer robots.

    1. It’s definitely worth it when it’s on offer. I got the starter box for £10 at Salute last year.

      They aren’t the worlds best miniatures, but they’re good enough and cheap enough to keep me cheerful.

  4. Great post Kieron, and I hope you have a cracking Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas, Kieron. Thanks for the great post!

  6. Nice report and battlefield.
    A bit late, but happy holidays!