Sunday 9 December 2018

Look Who Dropped In

I’ve completed the last few Fallschirmjager I needed to be able to play the first two scenarios of the Crete 1941 campaign. They include an NCO with an SMG, a paratrooper with an FG-42 assault rifle (which will be treated as a regular rifle in the Crete games, and an LMG gunner whose loader was painted last week.

I still have a Mortar Team and spotter to paint, but they don’t feature in the campaign. I also need to make couple of purchases to add another 8 rifle armed paratroopers, a light mortar team and an anti-tank rifle team to be able to play the remaining scenarios.

My total force now boasts an officer, three squads, an MMG team, a sniper and a forward air observer, bringing the total points value to around 700 points, and my additional purchases will push me towards 1000. A completely veteran force really does limit the model count.

As a point of reference, I’ve now painted 30 men for this army, an although I’ve decided to go with metal models for my own reasons, with my Cheaphammer head on I really must point out that you could get similar sized force just from the Warlord Plastic Fallschirmjager box, which you can pick up for around £20 from Outpost Games.

When it comes to expanding the army beyond the Crete campaign, as I’ve been painting my models in their late war garb, I’ll look towards late war additions. Expect to see Panzerfausts, assault rifles and perhaps even a StuG tank destroyer.


  1. Nice work on the latest trio. Your force is steadily growing.

    1. It’s getting there. It’s been a year since I started them though.

  2. Nice additions to the force Kieron. Well done. :)

  3. Cracking job Kieron! Your camo looks great 🙂
    Personally I always liked Warlords metal figures way more than any of the plastics.

  4. Thanks. I find that the way that I paint works much better with metal than plastic. I think it’s to do with the depth of the detail. I also feel that I’ve reached a point in my life where I just don’t have the time or the patience for assembling multi-part plastic models.

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