Saturday 23 January 2021

The Last Drop Of Blood

I've come to the final couple of models in my revamped Blood Angels force: a Terminator and his Captain.

The Captain is the first 40k miniature I've bought since starting this blog, and really does highlight how far GW plastics have come in that time. So much more detail (he really brings the bling) and character in comparison with my older plastics.

I realised I needed/wanted another character when I started adding points up...well, I needed an extra unit and a single character was cheaper and quicker; thus finishing the army in the spirit in which it was begun.

The other miniature I've added was a surprise find in my bits box. I don't know why I didn't paint a sixth Terminator at the time (I think I got this one free with White Dwarf), but it was a nice way to bring things full circle.

One odd element of painting these two to match the others in the unit was trying to emulate the way I've painted them. Which meant dousing a basecoat of red with Nuln Oil and then 'fixing' it.

Annoyingly, I've run out of white Blood Angel icons for the shoulder pad. I do have a transfer exchange arranged with Pete which will fix this, but that will have to wait until the world is different.

That brings my full army to 2000 points, and I'm going to leave it there until I've at least played a few games to work out how crap it is as an army.

In the meantime, there's a certain irony to that fact that I started to repaint this army to prevent me starting another one. I've enjoyed painting it so much that might possibly have bought the beginnings of another 40k army a few weeks ago. However, I'll probably leave starting it until I've done a few other things over the next couple of weeks.

Acquired: 25
Painted: 8


  1. Great stuff Kieron! That red really pops 😀

    1. I like it too. It's odd though, I'm finding that red really alters in my pictures depending on the light. If you look back through my BA posts, the red is actually the same in real life, but massively different in pictures.

      Not an issue I have with other colours. Odd.

  2. Looks fantastic. Recently came across that character figure as well and only just built him. Great looking army. I am re-inspired to look at my OLD 40k collection through the FREE Grim Dark Future Rules by One Page Rules (the rules are more than one page though :) ) . Cheers

    1. Hanks. I've been looking at Grim Dark Future, and certainly intend to give it a go; it would definitely save on codex costs.