Thursday 8 April 2021

All About That Base (No Trouble)

I'm struggling with motivation for painting as I'm currently in a bit of a 40k mood and I've run out of 40k things to paint...until my birthday later this month.

However, I've taken this as an opportunity to start the process of rebasing my Blood Angels.

As you may remember from the pictures in my previous post, my Blood Angels were based with the simplest of 90s themed lurid green flock.

I wasn't trying to be retro, I was trying to be quick and cheap when I first painted them (and it wasn't retro back then). However, they were in sore need of sprucing up.

And so I've invested in some 'base ready' products from Geek Gaming.

If you're not familiar with these products, they're essentially pre-mixed flock/sand/clump foliage provided in a variety of types to suit different landscapes.

I've gone fo 'Scrubland', as it seemed suitably generic for use across a variety of systems.

Basically, you pile PVA glue on the base and scatter the base ready flock on, and you're good to go.

I have no idea why I haven't been using this stuff forever, because its it's unbelievably easy to get a good result.

I've gone a little bit further by adding some slate and larger stones to the larger bases, along with some grass tufts to vary heights.

I didn't bother removing the old green flock first, because it doesn't matter if it shows through here and there, and it made life easier in the with not having to worry if I got PVA everywhere, especially under the Captain's cloak.

I've only done the Terminators and Dreadnought so far as this seems like to perfect opportunity to switch the regular Marines onto 32mm bases (when did that happen?) and I'm waiting for them to arrive.

I did, however, manage to finally add the missing Chapter badge to the extra Terminator I painted earlier this year.

I would highly recommend Geek Gaming, the base ready products are excellent and they were delivered in record time. Luke, who runs it, also does an excellent YouTube channel (sometimes called Luke's APS) which focuses on making terrain.

This process was so easy, I'm not even going to claim these as painted models.


  1. Great stuff Kieron! Luke's stuff really gave a fantastic result - and agree 100% his channel is top notch 😀

    1. I've know about it for ages. Not sure why I didn't go for it earlier.

  2. The bases look great. Very natural looking!

    1. I like how it makes the bottom of the models a bit dusty too.

  3. Ahhh nothing like verdant green grass to be a counterpoint to the reds of these Astartes.