Wednesday 14 April 2021

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

I spent yesterday finishing off the full rebase of my Blood Angels using the Base Ready Scrublands from Geek Gaming Supplies.

I was only delayed by needing to order a load of 32mm bases. 

I don't know why GW changed the base size for the old style Space Marines (but I can guess), but I actually like the fact that it makes each model into more of an individual diorama.

Removing the old bases wasn't too much of an issue because I tend to use super glue for everything and so they were carefully snapped off.

The metal models (of which there are more than you'd imagine, needed clipping, trimming and filing. I didn't bother pinning them because I'm me.

One of the metal Death Company was gripped by the black rage, flung himself out of my hands and dismantled himself on my floor.

However, using super glue for everything and not pinning has its advantages, as it broke in the right places and so was easy to fix.

There was a little bit of touching up of chips and glue stains that needed doing, but the process of using the Base Ready product was as easy as before, although you do need to paint the base rim again afterwards due to the dusty nature of it.

I'm now calling this army finished. It's at 2000 points (which is as big a game as I can imagine playing), I find painting lots of similar things a bit dull, and the rebase has meant that there is no more space in their drawer.

I've also go the Tzeentch Daemons to work on, and I think I'm going to aim at getting them to 2000 points as well.

Again, I'm not counting these towards my painting tally as I should have done proper bases when I repainted them last year.


  1. Fab looking force on their spiffy new bases!

    1. I always think it's quite sad how we spend so much time painting, only for our efforts to be overshadowed by some rocks.