Sunday, 21 November 2021

Noro Lim, Asfaloth!

As the Quest of the Ringbearer heads inexorably towards Rivendell, I needed to add three more Ringwraiths, both mounted and on foot, along with Arwen and Frodo on the white steed Asfaloth.

Some of this has happened quicker than expected.

I stumbled on a pre-painted lot on eBay including Arwen and a Ringwraith. The painting looked okayish and the price was about the same as I'd pay for these two models new. I figured in the worst case scenario I could strip them and start again.

It turned out that the painting was much better than it looked on the pictures, and all that was needed on Arwen was ti give the model a dust, a quick rebase and a couple of touch ups, such as on the saddle rim and sword.

I also felt that the colour the horse was a bit flat, so I covered the white with Apothecary White contrast paint to add a little depth, followed with a very light drybrush on raised areas.

The Ringwraith was caked in dust and had a couple of chips that needed attention. I also wanted to get the reins to match the models I've already done.

Whilst I was at this, I took the opportunity to redo the silver on the model, before hitting the whole thing with a black wash before rebasing.

Here it is with one of my previous Ringwraiths. The horse is a slightly different colour as it began brown, bit that's not a problem and the model fits in perfectly.

Although I didn't do most of the work on these, I did have to do a bit of painting, so I'm counting them. I now need to keep my eyes open for some similar bargains to complete the Nine.

Acquired: 162
Painted: 182