Sunday, 28 November 2021

Something Ancient Has Awoken

Thoughts have turned to what our little gaming group are going to do on our traditional Christmas gaming.

We normally do a big game of something like Bolt Action, but a recent discussion surrounding the relaunch of Heroquest has led to this...

Basically, there was some nostalgic excitement about the new game until both Matt and I both revealed that we had the old game and we'd never suggested playing it (although I maintain that I have).

Therefore, we'll be playing a Heroquest campaign over Christmas and I'm going to try to get the set painted by then.

I've started with the undead as I like easy wins at the start of a project, and wins done come easier than these Skeletons. They were painted with Skeleton Horde contrast paint over an Ushabti Bone base with a drybrush over the top.

You might notice that one of these kids is not like the others. This is because I bought this set second hand some years ago and a couple of the weapons are broken. Fortunately, I had some chonky scythe blades knocking around from the old GW Zombies, so the fix was easy to do.

The Mummies were done in a similar manner to the Skeletons, although I took tje time to highlight each bandage. The skin was done simply with Drakenhof Nightshade over Administratum Grey.

I've gone for simple basing using the Geek Gaming Base Ready Scrublands. I've used this because I had it and speed is the goal on this project.

The Zombies took a bit more effort than the others. The skin was done with my usual recipe: Kislev Flesh washed green, drybrush with Ushabti Bone and wash with Agrax Earthshade.

I did one of the two in red and blue as an homage to the original artwork, but I varied the colours on the other one foe a bit if variety. This is something I'll be doing for the Orcs and Goblins, but probably not for the Chaos Warriors or Fimir.

So there we go. Eight down twenty seven to go...not including the furniture.

Acquired: 165
Painted: 190


  1. What an awesome project. I still have my old heroquest box....I loved that game back in the day. Did you have to do an extra prep on the figs to make the paint bind well?

    I read on someone elses blog about heroquest.....there is an app to go with the new release. It plays Zargon/Zargoz for you so you could play solo.....or 2 players vs the computer!

    1. Didn't need to do any prep except scrape some mould lines and fix the scythe.

      A solo app is actually a really good development for the game, but there's also one for Descent and I don't use that so I'm not sure it's for me.