Saturday 19 March 2022

Pushing The Boat Out

Having just finished another small batch of miniatures for Carnevale, I now really want an ice-cream.

I can't think why.

This represents the last miniatures that needed painting before I can start playing the first few scenarios from the introductory campaign that came in the starter set.

This will allow me to start playing and get the remaining miniatures painted in time for when I need them.

The Gondolier is arguably the Guild's getaway driver, able to get more speed out of a Gondola than other characters, and so transport fellow Guild members quickly to their objectives.

Armed with a bladed oar, he's also no slouch when it comes to dealing with the dangers that lurk in the canals.

The Gondola is a great piece of resin terrain which comes in three main pieces (which you can see as I could have hidden the joins a little better). It's a really nicely detailed kit which went together very well after a tiny bit of cleaning up.

In game Gondolas function as interactive terrain. I believe they can be included in a roster as equipment, but I think they can also just be put on the table to capture the flavour of Venice, in fact some scenarios require them.

I'm trusting the Internet when I say that these colourful mooring poles are called 'paline' (this may be wrong). The different colours represent different noble houses that own particular areas of Venice.

Despite being very flavourful, they are my least favourite miniatures of the starter set. Not only do they have rather bulky, unless bases (done that brightly to match the water on the gaming mat), but also that casting was a bit shonky with quite chunky mould lines. I did my best to remove them, but the stripes ended up a little warped.

They're okay, but I may look into replacing them with an alternative at a later date.

Five more painted, without purchase and not much left of the starter set to go. I think next up is either a bridge or the somewhat bigger hitters of the two gangs.

Acquired: 48
Painted: 60


  1. Excellent! The figure and his craft look great. A little roguish,jaunty with the sash and the fine line on the pants. As a bonus you taught me something new today which is always welcome. Now that you have told me what paline are you saved me an awkward, "barber poles" moment :D .

    1. Glad to be of assistance. The fine line is actually sculpted on really clearly, so it was actually really easy to do.