Thursday, 4 August 2022

Terminator 2: Salvation

I'll be back at the Tactical Marines in no time, but I fancied a bit of a break.

Not that much of a break, obviously, it's still red space marines.

Following the game on Monday, it became apparent that as bullet magnets extraordinaire, my Indomitus Terminators (that's what this type of armour is called in the Horus Heresy) might need a few extra bodies.

Three factors came together to help this happen:

1) Pete kindly gave me a Terminator he had got on the front of White Dwarf years ago that is the same as the ones my squad.

2) He also generously gave me two lightning claws to enable me to make use of the body that has been sitting in my bits box for a similar amount of time.

3) I shall get my maths right and not leave out a sixth Terminator and only take five.

As mentioned before, my Terminator squad are built with the models from the Assault on Black Reach box (5th edition?) plus a few promo models from White Dwarf.

I've not painted these exactly the same way, I've done Flesh Tearer's Red contrast as a base coat rather than doing a Nuln Oil was over Mephiston Red, but they fit in quite well.

The lightning claws guy is a bit of an anomaly as I don't think I can use him in a regular Terminator squad in 40k, so he will be Horus Heresy only.

As such, I think I'm going to give him a vexilla at some point (when I get my hands on a spare), as that's also a Heresy only element.

Here's the squad together.

They are still outmatched by Pete's Cataphractii Terminators, but I'm hoping that the new additions might mean more than two of them make it into combat next time.

Still chipping away at that deficit, but at least I've gone a couple of days without buying any models. I also had to tear a knackered Rohan horse off it's base (and chucked it into the bin) to complete these two, so I'm attacking the tally from both ends.

Acquired: 120
Painted: 106

P.S. I know the title is wrong, I'm just trying to trigger Matt.

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