Friday 7 October 2022


Second post in October and another Orc. One could be forgiven for thinking that I'm participating in the Orctober painting challenge.

I'm not.

Not because I have any particular objection to doing so, but more because I don't think that I currently have any more Orcs waiting to be painted.

This entry is Grishnakh, the Orc that chases Merry and Pippin into Fangorn Forest and ends up getting crushed by Treebeard simply because he likes a little bit of leg.

My usual slapdash Orc approach was adopted and it continues to serve me well. I might go back and darken some of the metal up with another wash.

Grishnakh is one of my favourite characters in the books, as he's a sly sneak whose playing both ends against the middle and knows more than he should.

This was lost in the movies and too many similar changes in character were part of the reason why The Two Towers is probably my least favourite of the three movies whilst being my favourite of the books.

I've decided that I will also use Grishnakh as a dismount for Sharku. They look and are armed similar enough and it saves me having to track down a separate dismount.

It also means that Grishnakh will now feature in three scenarios in War in Rohan, although one of them is likely to be over quickly as it's just him against Merry, Pippin and...Treebeard...

I might have a root around in the bits box to see of I have anything else Orcish to paint this month, but I'm making no promises.

I'm off to The Other Partizan on Sunday, so I need to pick up some speed to ensure I don't slip back into the red.

Acquired: 130
Painted: 148

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  1. Great job on Grishnakh, I think he works perfectly as a dismount for Sharku! I am tempted to get into LOTR but it seems like a lot of stuff has disappeared from the GW site again which is annoying.