Thursday, 2 February 2023

It Was A Coincidence Officer...Honest...

Well this is a bit awkward...

I've been in a bit of a slump for a week or so and, as long term readers of this blog may remember, to break out of this sort of thing I usually search through the lead mountain for some 'easy wins', models that won't take too much effort to get me feeling like I'm making progress.

This time I settled on two disparate groups of models that were already based and undercoated: some Iron Age hogs, and a group of Victorian Policemen.

The unfortunate connection between the two didn't actually occur to me until later.

The Victorian Police are from Wargames Foundry and I think were given to me with the intention that I might use one to convert a corrupt cop for my Pulp Gangsters. However, instead of that I've decided to paint them up as is.

Even though I don't play any games with a Victorian setting (yet), my thoughts are that they will serve perfectly well for 7TV Pulp games set in Blighty as Police uniforms didn't particularly change that much by the interwar period. 

On top of this they might actually be the start of another unit for my VBCW/Operation Sea Lion army for Bolt Action. With the addition of a second pack from Wargames Foundry, armed only with truncheons, they will make for a nicely themed Urban Militia unit.

Painting was predictably simple. Kantor Blue with a wash of Nuln Oil and all the usual face, hands, guns and trimmings. I've based them for Bolt Action rather than 7TV as I suspect they'll get more use in that form.

 I've had the Iron Age pigs for some time. I thing I was given them by my day when I made the small MDF pigsty. I've done absolutely nothing special with these. The adults are done with Wyldwood contrast paint, whilst the young were done with Skeleton Horde before having rough Mournfang Brown stripes added followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

They'll work well enough as scenery in Saga, or even other games. The farm will simply by rearing rare breeds.

Cobwebs blow off, I'm now ready to get on with something a bit more interesting. Hopefully without upsetting any more of the emergency services.

Acquired: -22
Painted: 39
Lead Mountain: 522

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