Saturday 11 February 2023

The Old Bill

As mentioned in a previous post, after painting up the four police officers I already had, I took the opportunity to grab five more from Wargames Foundry to make a workable unit for my VBCW/Operation Sea Lion force in  Bolt Action.

As they paint up rather quickly, I've painted them up rather quickly.

The five models are quite simple sculpts and as they are also quite old, the did require a fair bit of flash cleaning off them. There were some notable mould lines to file down too, but broadly I've managed to clean them up fairly well. My only real gripe across the models I've painted is that many of them have buttons missing for some reason.

In terms of painting the uniforms are just Kantor Blue with a wash of Nuln Oil. I've done nothing special with the rest of the models an I've not even bothered with eyes. Partly this is because they are all wearing helmets low over their eyes, but partly this is also because I tend not to bother with eyes on models intended for larger scale games like Bolt Action

Technically these are Victorian policemen (hence the large amount of facial hair on display), but really, there's not much to distinguish them from police uniforms in the inter-war period. However, one model was notably holding an lamp and waving a rattle.

I've kept the lamp, as it appears to be somewhat akin to a signal lamps that were in use during the war and a signal lamp seems totally appropriate for a wartime police patrol.

The rattle, however, had to go and has been replaced with a truncheon. As he looks a little different to the rest, I'll make this model the unit leader and not giving him one of the prized firearms at least makes it possible that he won't be a sniper's first target.

And so that's the unit done. In game terms they will function as a Veteran Urban Militia patrol in the LDV. I'll probably pair them up with the civilian versions of Dad's Army to make a small platoon supporting the Coastal Defence Platoon which will feature the Navy and some Home Guard.

Keeping track of the Lead Mountain remains awkward with lots of coming and goings, but I think I'm just about staying on top of it. I've painted the 5 policemen, and given a piece of Mantic terrain to Craig as I had a duplicate, however, Matt has printed me some tentacles (actually ninetacles) to use for the Watcher in the Water and I miscounted my Home Guard models whilst they were still in the pack last week. Therefore, I've technically gone backwards again.

Acquired: -4
Painted: 52
Lead Mountain: 529

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